Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Wild Emotions"

A Passion Never Forgotten

relax, sit down & take this journey with me
imagine all those things your eyes burn 2 see

the reasons why ur heart rapidly beats strong
the gases & fumes ur lungs depend on

textures ur fingers need to caress & explore
only those flavor ur palate forever longs for

the memories that make butterflies in ur gut shiver
all the erotic actions that make ur lips quiver

how great it is to see these images circles in ur mind
intense desire & emotions make all my senses blind

amazed @ at the eruption of this volcanic collage
for some moments, again, I am within this mirage

together sharing it all, filled with ur every emotion
an open house to the secret equations to ur love potion

happily knowing I am special & I deserved to see
but I have a slight problem.... In this, I can't find me

confusingly searching, knowing I had to be there
everything I see, described me & the times we shared

this trip was so similar to the one in my mind
I was never what u really desired is what I begin to find

I see u got the only thing u wanted with lies & slime
pretending I was the one u needed, that should be a crime

sweet talk, patience & gentleness all hid ur grime
I was to be the map of this journey, what waste of time

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