Saturday, January 31, 2009

"You're The Sweetest Thing"

~Sweetest thing i ever known~

As i walked the streets thinking of love
I stumbled across a poetry club.
I just went in to use the phone.
I saw u there all alone.
The sweetest thing i ever known.

You seemed to be nervous, as this was your first
time on the microphone.
Yet,your words were bold and strong.
me being a inspiring poet i decide to stay and listen
a little,not knowing i would fall for her like i did.

It seemed like a nice place relaxed setting,good music,
candles at the tables to set the mood and beautiful
women "obviously"so i planed to come back next weekend
hoping you would read again and so i could meet you.

So Saturday night came yearning for your name
i sat in the corner and waited for you to read.
As other poets read i see her getting her poem ready.
I could not stop staring at her 5-7 sexy frame as she
walked to the stage.Jill Scott plays low over the speaker
"lets take a long walk" But as you recite your sensual
poem my patents grows short but my heart grows fonder.
longing for your attention at the end of the night i enter
my name for next Saturdays poetry reading.
Thinking i can reach you better with my words.

Saturday night is hear,i look for you among the people
making sure i make eye contact with you while i read
so you know that i was talking to you.

As i began to read
she was "The sweetest thing i ever known"
with your caramel body tone.
You give me chills down my spine
you stimulate my mind
you give me butter flies
What are this feelings
a "Symptom unknown"
your status unknown
but your poetry
is like "Flowatree Ms."
elevating my mind to imaginative thought
knowing "I wont to go there with you"
its just "The essences of you"
that gives me "Every breath i breathe"
you know i need u in my life.
So i leave it in your hands
You take control as we talk the
night away never thinking,
I would feel "A love like this"

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