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... I have encountered lots of ups and downs in my entire life. I have countless disappointments, pains and struggles. I have experienced loses and wins throughout my journey in life. Often, I am toppled down. I even asked why GOD why did he allowed such painful things to happen in my life. I have questioned God... a lot... But even though, I still press on and move on forward. The only reason is GOD. Through HIM, I have the courage to go on despite my failures. And i will always put in mind that HE will never leave me nor forsake me.

I wanted to share this article who had become one blessing in me. Let us be reminded that GOD's promises are true. He is our ONLY HOPE in times of sorrows and bitterness. He is our comfort and guide. And I know He will always be there for us. May GOD BLESS each one of us.

Shattered Dreams and Broken Hearts

In each of our lives there is a trail of shattered dreams,strewn with brokenness of heart, and many shed tears.Along the side of that trail is broken relationships,lost loves, hurt feelings and deep wounds and oftenrejection. Every life contains these, it is part ofthe fabric of life. However unbearable it is for themoment or for a season, it is not unbearable for all time.

In my own life, I have suffered many losses, been hurt many times to the point where I didn't want to live anymore. Perhaps it could have been when my first husband left me for a woman we both knew, and decided he never again had to help us financially. I had to pickup the pieces and learn to work, support 3 darling little girls and make sense of a new life I was ill prepared for.
Perhaps it was the abuse of another relationship I got in where I was either hit or verbally abused until I feltworthless. Unable to leave and trapped in my owngullible thinking I had to stick it out even whenI knew it was robbing me spiritually and physically.

Perhaps it was the times that I in some way hurt my children or said something till they didn't want to speakto me for a long time, whether fully my own fault or partof their's the wounds ran deep and I was plagued with guilt.

Perhaps it was the loss of my father to Alzheimer's, whohad been the soul of gentleness and a rock in my life. The onewho kneeled down with me when I was 6 years old andtaught me to pray and ask Jesus to be my Savior. The lossof him was great indeed, for he was one person who wasalways thrilled to see me, his face would light up, and hislove was unconditional, forgiving and instant.

Yes, each of us have many shattered dreams, and they can crush our spirit and rob us of hope.
Yet in each of these times in my life, some which lastedyears, I found a anchor for my soul. I always retreated in prayer to Christ, I never gave up, even though I came close to it several times. Within my spirit would riserighteous anger, a desire to live and a desire to pleaseGod and remember He was my Father.

Do you remember when you were a child, and would get hurt or someone would say something unkind to you?You would run to mom and dad and they would comfort you and you would go back out and play relieved of that burden and happy, carefree and unencumbered by that hurt.
That is the way we should be with all our trials, our pain and our hurts.
God says oh my child, I see your pain,I watch the tears fall quietly down your cheeks, and I knowthe loss and grief within your heart. Your broken dreams,your heart full of pain and disappointment from relationships,and your sadness for your own failures. For your physical suffering and your financial crisis, I am aware of each of these needs.
And my promise to you is that I will never leave youor forsake you. Bring your shattered dreams, and painto me and lay it at my feet. Crawl up into my lap place your head on my shoulder and find comfort for a season,and as you recover and grow stronger and become a warriorbecause of my strength in you.. you can go back into the world and face it with courage and HOPE.

Do not try to carry burdens you were never meant to carry.I am your Father, I will carry them for you, and I will work themout in their time. Remember nothing happened overnight,and nothing will change that way. Give me time to workin the hearts of people you are praying for, and bring circumstances into their lives that will change their heart and turn them towards me.
Don't give up, don't quit,don't despair and don't let anyone or any thing rob you of your joy or hope.

Remember my mercies are new every morning.

We are hedged in, pressed, on every side, troubled andoppressed in every way, but not cramped NOR crushed;we suffer embarrassments, and are perplexed and unableto find a way out, but not drive to despair.We are persecuted and hard driven, pursued, but NOTdeserted -- to stand alone; we are struck down to the ground,but NEVER struck out and destroyed.
Always carrying about in our body the liability and exposureto the same putting to death the Lord Jesussuffered, so that the resurrection life of Jesus mayalso be shown forth by and in our bodies.For we who live are constantly experiencing being handedover to death for Jesus sake, that the resurrection lifeof Jesus also may be evidenced through our flesh which is liable to death.2 Corinthians 4:8-11

So to me these verses are saying that we are tumbled about,hurt, lonely and yet never alone. And that no matterwhat comes our way, we have the resurrection spirit ofChrist within us to come against the powers of darknessand overcome all obstacles, hurt pain, and loneliness,trials, errors and deceit of this life in the name of Jesus.We rise to the occasion, rise up in Christ, and find peaceand strength in Him.

We are NEVER cast down.We are NEVER alone,We are NEVER without hope.For GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE.

My friends, come to the Lord today, confess your sins to him,lay all your burdens and pain at his feet, as a child wouldto their parent, and let him heal your heart and infuse youwith strength from on high and renew you in him with courage,a sense of hope, a constant sense of comfort, and the fightingspirit you need to be a warrior for Christ, fighting the good fight of faith everyday.

I know this.. for He has shown me.. many times.

Right now my husband and I are going through a grievous,hurtful, and sometimes overwhelming loss. It is the kind of pull the rug out from under you, take the breath out of you,shocking and slap in the face kind of hurt, that saps your strength and makes you reel from it. It has taken medays to come to terms with it.. stop blaming myself and giveit to Christ. But I did. I woke up this morning, full of joyfull of hope, and strengthened... because of CHRIST.NOT because of my circumstances which have not changed.But because of my FAITH In Christ. This too shall pass.
For God is on the throne,and shall prevail and his will, will go forth and noman can stop it. The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.James 5:13 Prayers are powerful NEVER doubt it.Jesus said, don't let your hearts be troubled,you believe in God, also believe in me. John 14:1 God says: Receive my peace. Right now. Don't delay, don't forfeit it to fear. Rely on, cling to, trust in, and find hope in ME.
Don't turn away from me for a minute, focus on me and I shall work all things out for my glory and for your sake. Many of you are suffering, hurt and broken, but you don't have to be. Happiness and a good attitude is a mental choice. It is how we face our life with God's perspective and not the victim feeling. We are victors in Christ. And that will stand for all time.
NOTHING can defeat a child of God, unless we allow it. Pray until you feel it. Pray until peace floods yourspirit.You too have all these promises.

Just Trust

lovemillieps.. forgive others, forgive yourself.

God's mercies are new every morning.Be strong and brave. Don't be afraid of them and don't be frightened, because the Lord YOUR Godwill go with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.-Deuteronomy 31:6

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