Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What is Self Esteem ?

Self esteem is your opinion of yourself. High self esteem is a good opinion of yourself and low self esteem is a bad opinion of yourself.

Self esteem is all about believing your worth & what you've got like

"Women like to date me because I have a good life & I look good,I guessed!"

From the sentence above it shows that the one who said this phrase does have a good self esteem knowing what he is in the society & the good part of it there is the humbleness on how he delivered the sentence that gives the balance in being boastful & just having confidence in oneself.It's a very good example how to carry a conversation showing ones self esteem.

Your self esteem depends on many questions:

  • Is your job worthwhile? Do others respect what you do? Do you?
  • Do you believe you are successful?
  • How do you see yourself (your self image)?
  • How do you feel about your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What do you think of your social status?
  • How do you relate to others?
  • Can you make your own decisions? A lack of choices leads to low self esteem.

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What is Low Self Esteem?

Low self esteem results from a poor self image. Your self image is based on how you see yourself. Do you think you are a good, reliable, hardworking, honest or friendly person?

Low self esteem also depends on other factors like your job. For example, do you value the job you do? Does the job you have help you be happy with who you are?

Low self esteem feeds your negative thinking and makes you believe negative comments others make. This can cause you to lose confidence so it is vital to end negative thoughts if you want to build your self esteem.

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What is High Self Esteem?

High self esteem is the opposite of the above! If you have a high level of self esteem you will be confident, happy, highly motivated and have the right attitude to succeed.

The Importance of Self Esteem

Self esteem is crucial and is a cornerstone of a positive attitude towards living. Read more about why self esteem is important.

It is very important because it affects how you think, act and even how you relate to other people. It affects your potential to be successful. Low self esteem means poor confidence and that also causes negative thoughts which means that you are likely to give up easily rather than face challenges. In addition, it has a direct bearing on your happiness and wellbeing.

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