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How to Attract a Man and Capture His Heart Forever

Before I met my soul mate, David, I did what you've probably done to find the answers to how to find a great guy and get him to fall in love with you. Yeah, I did it all. I spent hour after hour reading everything I could find on "how to find the right guy", "how to get a man to be interested in me", "how to get the man to fall in love with me."

I even visited forums, baring my soul by sharing my disappointment and asking why I'm still single. I never got anything helpful and many were just mean, making remarks about what must be wrong with me. It hurt so badly, especially because I was already feeling like a loser and lonely on top of it all. I was getting more and more confused and depressed.

I kept thinking, "What's wrong with me?" Other women around me who seemed pretty average had great guys who adored them. I was envious and wondered what they had that I didn't?

I scoured the internet and purchased and downloaded some relationship books hoping they had the answers I was searching for. I did everything those books said to do but after a while, I realized that I was no longer being myself.

The more I tried the more I was disappointed. It was getting bad. It was wearing me out trying to be someone I wasn't and knew men could tell something wasn't right. And all the while, I kept seeing men falling in love with average women. Again that nagging question, "What do they know that I don't?"

I was ready to give up hope and be single for the rest of my life when I did one more search and found the book, Men Made Easy. I read and re-read Kara's Twelve Simple Secrets because it really spoke to my heart like a sweet angel sent from heaven coming down to rescue me and pull me out of the deep pit I was in.

I'd found what I had been searching for and my life began to turn around. The information in this book was easy to follow and I was actually encouraged to be myself, but the best version of myself, not a fake version.

Men began to pay attention to me; they wanted to get to know me and made me feel like a queen. When David showed up I knew how to be the kind of woman who could cause a man to fall in love which is exactly what happened.

Are You Stuck and Don't Know What to Do to Make Things Better in Your Relationship?

Ladies, if you're single fret not, what can happen to me can happen to you. Learn first how to understand yourself, get the right information on understanding men and that will lead you to transform your relationships into golden opportunities of happiness.

If you're single and have no clue how to experience more love and romance and more passion you're lucky enough to know that the Twelve Simple Secrets work so well at least for me that men are simply thrilled with what you're doing. They will be drawn to your charisma that you'll become irresistible and they just can't keep their minds off of you, they want you and want to make you happy.

All the answers that I needed were all found in Men Made Easy. Kara's was the best-selling relationship book for us single women as well as for married women. I highly recommend it to all women who are reading this. You know when you take action and put your focus making your boyfriend or husband treat you better you will be surprised at the results! You watch your relationship change, before your very own eyes I'm serious. How do you feel if your boyfriend, your ex or your husband become more attentive, more romantic, more loving, more caring, and a lot of everything else you dared not hope for. You would only experience it when you read and learn from the guide book and that you'll start to interact with him in brand-new ways.

How to get inside his mind? What actually makes a woman attractive to men? How do you get your boyfriend or husband to treat you nice and love you even more? The answers you get from your friends, strangers from forums are just plain wrong. I have learned a very valuable lifelong lesson just from Kara is that the key to getting what you want is Feminine Grace. I guess that was the missing part from me....

You may be that person in my shoes before or maybe you have problem relating to the men in your life whether you are single or married it doesn't matter. You know now where to look for the answers....You need to understand and work on YOURSELF first that's the basic major step to your pursue to find happiness with the man of your dreams. I hope you won't make the same mistakes I made and the time I wasted trying to look for the answers.

Kara Oh is well known as the expert on Understanding Men. Her books are reasonably priced worth the money you spend considering the tons of information you'll get from it and your opportunity to transform your relationship. It comes with 6 FREE Bonuses when you purchase her book. On top of that she offer a FREE PERSONAL CONSULTATION with you to make sure that she help you out in your situation you don't have to feel like you're doing it all alone.

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How to Attract a Man and Make Him Fall In Love With You!

If you are wondering as to first how you are going to attract and make a man notice you and fall in love then you are not alone. There are many single women worrying about the same. Single women seem to be all around and when you have a man that you think could end your single status you start to be conscious about getting men notice you and no one else.

If you are wondering as to first how you are going to attract and make a man notice you and fall in love then you are not alone. There are many single women worrying about the same. Single women seem to be all around and when you have a man that you think could end your single status you start to be conscious about getting men notice you and no one else.

Every woman wants to stand out of the crowd and be the special someone for the man she loves, but how exactly to go about it? Though it may seem to be a very complex situation there are few simple things to be considered to make it a very easy and worry free task.

One of the easiest ways is to dress in a way that would make you stand out in a crowd. There is a big misunderstanding among girls that showing more skin would get a man's attention more easily. That may be true but you should think what kind of attention you would be getting. He would think of you as a person to have fun with rather than someone who could be considered for building a serious long term relationship. The outfit you choose should compliment your personality. Accessories used should also be in line with the outfit. Never go out unless you are dressed perfectly for the occasion. A properly dressed woman looks like a person who knows her value and that surely attracts men a great deal.

Another answer to make a man notice you and fall in love would be to understand the passions, hobbies and priorities in his life. Most men are crazy about sports. If you can know which his favorite sport is and brush up on the knowledge about it you can be in a pretty good position. Women who are comfortable hanging out with men and who have similar interests as them are instantly liked by them. Learn to play indoor games like billiards and poker. If you could hold your opinion on some issue about his favorite sport or if you can beat him in a board of billiards he would be immediately attractive for him.

There is some truth in the saying that men love chasing women. You can use this to your advantage. If you have recently started dating then it's a good idea to not be available to him at all times that he wants you to be with him. This means you have to be busy with other things occasionally. Playing hard to get may work in your favor and be your perfect answer to make a man notice you and fall in love.. But you have to maintain a fine balance so as to keep him guessing if you are dating someone else. This would encourage him to make his moves faster.

How to Make a Man Fall in Love With You - 6 Top Secrets Revealed!

How to make a man fall in love with you" would be the question ringing in your head if you are interested in a guy. You must be in love but not sure if he has the same feelings for you. Rather than worrying about the situation you just act on the points mentioned and you will have him reciprocating your feelings very soon.

(1) Your Appearance:

Be in your best appearance all the time. Start workouts and healthy diet to stay in shape. Regular visit to a beauty parlor is not out of question. Doing your nails, hair and makeup with special care would go a long way. The more you take interest in grooming yourself and your outlook appearance the more you will feel positive in you to attract the man.

(2) Be Confidence:

Confidence is a virtue that all men like in their woman. You have to be very confident in all walks of life. If you are a person lacking confidence it helps to appear confident on the outside even if you are not so sure on the inside. Soon you will find yourself being naturally confident. So confident that make a man fall in love with you would not be a thing to worry for you.

(3) Be Visible:

Find out all the places that he spends his time mostly and be there. Studies say the more you get used to some one, some thing or some place the more you start liking it. And you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that he has to like you first to get the feeling of love to grow in his heart. The more you meet him casually the more he would be comfortable with you.

(4) No Stalking:

When you feel he is comfortable with you and likes your company find ways to be away from him. The less he finds you around the more he will miss you. The more he misses you, the more he will try to have you around. Let him work hard to get you. The harder he has to work, the more will he value you. It will also give him a chance to realize how much you mean to him. Rather than you thinking of how to make a man fall in love with you instead he would start thinking how to make you fall in love with him.

(5) Catch His Eye:

There is a saying "eyes are windows to your soul". And research shows that those who are in love look at each other almost twice than what normal people do. That goes for the occasions when the two are in a crowd. By holding eye contact longer than normal with him could create a situation which his brain would perceive as him being in love. And the fact that you have not been available to him and that he misses you already would only amplify the feelings.

(6) Make Him Feel Special:

A man feels the best when a girl makes him realize he is the only one for her. Small gestures like courtesy call while he is working, a note saying you miss him, holding hands while on a walk or a gentle kiss can all make him feel like he is the only one in your life.

The above mentioned points can be your key to solving the riddle of how to make a man fall in love with you.

"Men are responding like crazy."

Dear Kara, I purchased your book about a week ago. All I can say is WOW!!! Your book has shown me that I really can get a man's attention, so much so that he is interested enough to really get to know me!! The other night a gentlemen approached me and he was totally smitten. After we spoke later that week he told me that he was head over heels. He said what caught his attention was the way I carried myself. My Feminine Grace that you talk about!!! I never realize I had it, but I do. Thank you so much for putting this in book form, so that we can study it, practice it, remember it and really live it. Much appreciation to you!!

-- Colleen, New York

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How to Make Him Adore Only You - 3 Effective Tips

All that a woman wants when she is attracted to a man is to have him feel the same way about her. But sometimes even when you are head over heals about a man all you would get from him is a polite courteous response and no romance. That could be really frustrating. But this is not the time to be frustrated. You have to keep your frustration at the back of your mind and think about how to make him adore only you.

You have to always keep in mind that all you have to do is get him to feel a strong attraction to you. There would be many women seeking his attention and the issue now would be on how to make him adore only you. Here are a few tips on what you can do.

(1) Men Love to Chase:

All men get a thrill out of chasing and that's what they are always after. It's very common to see men striving for a better job, a more luxurious or expensive sports car, or their dream girl. They are actually seeking the thrill in their chase for these things.

You can take advantage of this and play a little hard to get. If you have just started dating someone or even if you have been dating someone for a while withdrawing from the relationship a little would create a feeling in the man that he doesn't have you completely yet. This would make him want to seek you more.

Don't always agree to all his dating schedules. Be busy or at least pretend to be busy at times. Make him work a little harder to get into your life. He will find you more interesting if he has to work hard to get you.

(2) Have Your Own Mind:

A man would lose interest in you quickly if all your focus is on him. Most of the women are guilty of being too focused on their man to care for anything else when they are together. When going for a dinner date or for movie women agree to whatever decisions he makes. But men want their woman to have their own mind.

Next time he plans a date let him know what you enjoy and what you would like to share with him. He would love it and would also find you more interesting. Being yourself even when with him is a secret weapon when trying to make a strategy to answer how to make him adore only you.

(3) Confident Personality:

Men love confidence in their woman. Always asking him what he feels about you would be a bad move. He should feel you are confident about yourself and also that you feel worthy of his attention.

You don't have to be arrogant to be confident. Remember that he will treat you the way you think about yourself. The best way would be to know that you are the special one for him.

These three great tips would help you in your pursuit of how to make him adore only you.

Received September 4th, 2008
"You've changed my life."

"Hi Kara, your dating newsletters are the best I also read Men Made Easy and it changed my life. You will be glad to hear I met the man of my dreams am engaged and getting married soon!"

-- Duduzile Ndlovu, Zimbabwe

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How to Make a Man Fall In Love With You

Discover The Power Of A Compliment - by Kara Oh

One of the most meaningful things you can say to a man - and even win his heart - is simply to offer a sincere compliment. A compliment about his appearance, something he's done, or created can make his day. What you get back is usually a smile, sometimes a conversation and an assumption that you are a caring person. Not bad for such a small effort.

If you're a person who compliments people it shows them that you're aware of others and care about them. If you never compliment anyone it could mean many things: you may have grown up in a household where compliments were not offered; you may be insensitive; you may be too wrapped up in your own thoughts to notice others; or you may not care about others. If you never offer a compliment, look at the quality of your relationships. It would be safe to guess that you're not happy with them.

Men rarely get compliments about their personal selves. Chances are good that you're the first person to compliment them in a long time. If a man gets a compliment at all, it will generally be about their outward accomplishments such as work or sports.

Women get compliments about their appearance, their clothes, their new hair style, their smile, their eyes, etc., from both men and women. Men rarely get that kind of attention. So give the man you're getting to know a compliment and see how he lights up. It can be something as simple as, "I'm so impressed with how calmly you handled that situation." Or, "I like how smart you are. You challenge me and I appreciate that." Or, "That's a beautiful suit and it fits you so well."

The easiest way to tell a man you care, or to get noticed and remembered, is to give him a sincere compliment, especially if it's about something he probably doesn't get much attention for. Pay attention to what he admires about himself and let him know that you noticed and he'll think you're pretty special.

Attention Women: When you get a compliment receive them graciously. When you discount a man's compliment it makes him feel awful. It makes you look bad and eventually, you won't get any more. I've often asked men about this and they tell me that once a woman discounts his compliment instead of appreciating it and letting him know he made her feel good, he soon quits doing it. Practice receiving compliments graciously with your women friends. It feels a whole lot better. Try, "Well, thank you. That's so nice of you to say (or to notice)." Or, to have some real fun, say, "Thank you for noticing," which tells the other person, in a playful way, that you appreciate yourself. It's a great confidence builder.

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