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How You Destroy Your Success in Life

What magic attribute separates the winners from the losers? I have seen ordinary-IQ folks succeed beyond belief and I have seen bright people fail miserably.

So the difference is not intelligence. I have seen a few “lucky stiffs” come up with the right idea at the right place at the right time --don’t count on duplicating “lightning in a bottle.”

I have also seen people try harder than is humanly possible... and fall flat on their faces. So the difference is not “trying hard,” although, that certainly helps to better the success equation, when combined with the refusal to give up, and the ability to learn from failure.

The bottom line? There is no single path to success. But there are clear failure habits that almost guarantee failure. When I look at folks who win online, it is obvious that they do not possess those failure habits and traits...
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And that is why I have to write this article After all... Success is merely the absence of failure. The question is this... If you have not yet succeeded at business, will you recognize yourself? Will you conclude that you possess one or more of these failure-inducing faults?

This article challenges you to take a good look at yourself. Of course... A deep self-examination can be a difficult, painful thing to do -- you may not like what you see.

If you are not prepared to do that, then you do, in fact, fit one of the profiles in this article. Either way, you take the first step towards success... or you stop the chase and become happier through other pursuits.

Based on all the successful people I have witnessed, I can confidently state that the odds of success drop quickly if you possess one or more of the failure patterns outlined herein.

So, how to succeed? The best simple answer that I can give is... Eliminate failure. Ready? Let’s take a quick look at those who are almost destined to fail. If you have yet to succeed, ask yourself, “Is this me?” Ask your spouse. Ask your friends. Ask your mentor, your spiritual advisor. No, don’t ask. Insist... insist upon an honest answer. If that response comes back “yes,” well... you know what to do. Open your mind -- your future depends on it.

We will examine few personality traits which are taken as the yardstick for determining your success or failure level and rate.
The Blame Caster

This person always finds something or someone to blame, never himself. Pattern? People stop taking this person seriously. They avoid him altogether once they have been blamed. Bosses grow frustrated. Complaint desks and support staffs stop answering his complaints. Life becomes rather lonely, which only increases this person’s anger.

Quote? “Who me?” ...“Cannot anyone around here do anything right?”

What is his Motto?

Blame everything on someone or something else -- nothing is ever my fault. If it does really seem to be my fault, I wriggle harder. And if it really is my fault, the best defense is a good offense. I go ballistic.

What is the bottom line?

The world is an imperfect place. Yet, somehow, decade after decade, it moves forward. Work with imperfection. When things go wrong, do not seek fault and cast blames. Fix it.

In any event, you are not fooling anyone, not for long. Accept blame when it is yours and others will look up to you.
Remember... the goal is to keep moving ahead, not figure out who messed up.

The Cynic

This person trusts no one, barely even himself. Everything is a “line.” What is his pattern? That baker’s smile? “Manipulator!” Why are people being nice? “They want something from me, he reasons” What about the rest of the world?

“Everyone has an ulterior motive.”

This person simply believes everyone does something for a covert, manipulative reason. It’s a sad life to lead. Quote? “Get away from me with that marketing line... I don’t believe a thing anyone says. It’s all bull sheets.” What is his motto? Believe nothing and trust no one... Luckily, I can detect B.S. a mile away.

What is the bottom line? Suspicious of all, he does manage to weed out the Get Rich Quick nonsense. That is the good news. Unfortunately, when a truly great opportunity comes along... ... he shoots that one down in flames, too. If you recognize yourself in here, the solution is not difficult.

Recognize that your sense of judgment has simply been turned off because it’s far easier to reject everything. Maybe you really have been hurt once or twice in the past. But do not allow that to shut the world out. Instead... Do your due diligence. Research properly.

You will, once again, find your way. If you make a mistake, don’t back-track. Learn and try again.

The Get Rich Quick

This person actually believes that companies would SELL Get Rich Quick formulas... that work. Hello? Would YOU sell a “money machine”? What is his pattern? Justify the failure. Find the next one... Repeat until out of money.
Quote? “But the Web site said...” ... “What do you mean it takes work to build a business?”

What is his motto? I just know there's someone out there who has invented a Free Money button. All I have to do is find it, buy it, click it, and watch the dollars come pouring in. But if you don’t have that...A cash cow will do, too... as long as I don’t have to do any work... like feeding it.

What is the bottom line? Companies that sell Get Rich Quick, no matter how they disguise it with clever copy, LIE! There is no such thing as Santa Claus or GRQ. Here’s the SiteSell motto... ... If you are not ready to work to succeed, you’ll be happier in front of a different kind of monitor.

The Entitled

This person believes that the world owes her a living. What is her pattern? She is widely perceived as a whiner. She expects others to do it for her. She expects a high bonus. She expects that the world, no matter what the situation, will take care of it. On the Net, the most obvious example is the person who expects everything to be FREE! Oh, and not only free.

Everything has to be now! From instant success, to free, round-the-clock, telephone consulting.... they want it free. And they want it now.
Quote? “What!, I have to do the research and make the important decisions for my business? Can’t you do that for me?” “Of course, I expect $40,000 worth of consulting for your $300 product. And what’s your home number, in case I need to reach you at midnight?”

What is her motto? Socialism? What a wonderful idea! Also...Why People Fail ... Here Genie, Genie, Genie. What is the Bottom line? The world does not owe anyone a living. We all make our own way. We all look after ourselves. But successful people do it by recognizing the needs of others.
Take us, for example, here at
SiteSell, we fire those who are not serious about succeeding. By helping the motivated to succeed in building thriving, profitable businesses, we succeed in so many ways, too. Here are some examples of the “non-entitled”... those who simply went out and “did it”...

Count on people to look after themselves, first. But also count on the fact that good business people look for WIN-WIN situations.

Do that and you can defeat the failure barrier called “entitlement.” It is a fatal flaw. It is hard to diagnose. But once you see it in yourself, you can indeed start to move forward. How?... WIN-WIN. But, if you continue to seek WIN (for you) relationships, you’re doomed.
Baruch Okpulor

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