Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Make Money On BLOGGING"

Then Qassia is just the thing for you. Its a place where logged in users can add details about almost anything they want. Its still in beta stage and you can join only thorough invitation. The concept is simple and you are rewarded according to the quality of your content.

Once you join Qassia you can add intel or you can rate intel. For every thing you add and post you earn Qassia dollars.More dollars you have more chance of you link being displayed prominently in their site.

For ever intel you add you get the chance to promote a site or one of your links.All these links are do follow links so they will help a lot when it comes to search engine rankings.and in the long run they will help you attract more readers when they search for data thorough Qassia, because whenever a user search for something and your intel pops up there will always be a link displayed pointing to your website so you are bound to get some traffic.

I joined Qassia about two weeks ago and I think I’m going to stick by it.Up to now the traffic is not that great but its increasing steadily and in the long run I think this is going to improve more.

And when Qassia comes out of the beta stage and it it open to public I think it will send more traffic to my site.Will this be a success when it comes out of beta stage ?

The answer is a very big YES. Here are few reasons why* You can add intel about anything , so as this grows this is going to be a resource for finding information about anything* Although anyone can add intel that doesn’t mean every intel you add is going to be approved,first it gets screened by the users themselves so worthless and wrong information getting published becomes minimal

* Also this gives an incentive for you to add intel by giving link backs to your sites and blogs

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