Saturday, January 17, 2009


I have deep admiration for those guys
(and girls)
who live by their principles.
Not the ones who just blow a lot of
those who REALLY live it.

The true believers
who aren’t ashamed
to get knocked on their asses,
who’d rather get knocked on their asses
than go back on their

Not the ones who talk a good game
and as soon as you’re not looking
they’re breaking every rule they
ever boasted about.
Not them.
I’m talking about

the honest
the sincere
the righteous.
And it doesn’t matter if they’re
right or wrong,
that’s not the point,

as long as they’re in it all the way.
The kind that’ll
stand up
even if they’re pissing their pants
while they do it.
Those are the ones I admire.

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