Monday, January 26, 2009

"Do You Know Your Purpose In Life?"

Everybody has a purpose in life.

Its true. even if you don't know what it is. God has something in store for all of us. It took me a while to think about what i wanted to write about. but this is what needs to be said.

I recently went on a self realization regarding my life & what is my purpose. Didn't know exactly what was came out of it. I was just expressing myself through writing but i came to realized that i have a different views in life that differs from the majority. I really felt that i should write all the things that comes into my mind,maybe for others they may think it's hard to believe but i feel that someone is guiding me behind this gift i know God is always been there guiding me.

WHAT'S YOUR PURPOSE IN LIFE! as for me, i know what i wanted to do. i wanna contribute somehow to the world ,to help t change the world in the way i know,even just affecting the lives of those people i encounter in my sole existence in positive way.To make them realize what is the true meaning of having a fullfiling life that life is not just based on having all the material things but learning to appreciate the simplicity within. It's what i've always dreamed of doing. Ever since i could remember but i feel like there also might be another calling that i must attend to as i get older. I want to show everyone that there is no life worth wasting. Live your life to the fullest. God wants you to get out and do what you are capable of doing.

As for me, i have three ideas about possibly what God has put me on this earth for.

WHAT'S YOURS!!!!!!!!!!

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