Saturday, January 17, 2009

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Our marriages need to have an abundant flow of living water. There is no greater love that a man can have for a woman than that of loving her with the love of Christ. This love transcends all other loves and gives the Biblical marriage its true strength. So it is with the woman. While romantic love is certainly a part of marriage, it is not that kind of love that bonds the marriage in covenant. Only the love of Christ can do that.

Wherever the love of God is cherished, there will be peace, light and joy. Spread out the word of God before your families in love, and ask,


Happily married to a loving, very supportive husband, and a mother of 3 kids (2 boys – nurses and a daughter).

Children are gifts from God. They should be trained, guided with spiritual things...teach them the true wisdom coming from His WORD which will lead them always to the right path of life.

"Train up a Child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

Hope is a word
that every
hurting heart

Hope shines
brighter than
the brightest star
on the darkest night.

Faith is bigger than the highest mountain.
And God is greater than any obstacle in your path.
Anything can be accomplished by those who fully
put their hearts into it.

The time to start is now
the place to start is here.

May hope cast its special
light upon your path and God
bless everything you touch in the
hours, days, and moments
still to come.

I Want to make friends with people in all walks of life...learning
each other experiences that we may somehow be an instrument of encouragement, inspiration and hope. It is my ultimate desire and happiness to be of God's instrument, though, we differ in so many things: culture, values, principles, religion and etc. but I believe with all my heart that we have only one Creator and a Redeemer, the owner of our lives, JESUS CHRIST!

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