Sunday, June 1, 2008

"Know How Magnetic Healing Can Help You"


As the designation signifies is synonymous with spirituality since all that is spiritual is attracting unto itself. Until recently for lack of deepened recognition magnetopathy has been discussed on in the terms of "spiritual healing", "hands on", "reiki", and even as "quantum healing" by the unknowing because everything herein involves energy as can be proven by all dimensions as named.

But life is more that the basic building blocks of material life: Life-force, for there is more to it, far above the ability to releases life-force if one really must speak in terms of energy, life-force, spirit, and power. Biblically in a simple manner it is seen as spiritual healing without further ado. While therapeutically designations such as magnetopathy, hands-on, reiki evolve according to the dimension of practice since not all gifted persons as well as practitioners stand before the altar as healers, by which I mean truly "gifted ones".

Magnetopathy is the aspect of spiritual healing which ranks next to "miracle healing", whereby through the healer progressive acts of healing are actualized.

With magnetopathy the "gifted one" is called to the act of healing where there are many kinds of radiations to connect with and transmit to one's fellow-man and surrounding. Beyond the gross level of life-force transmission magnetopaths as they are now to be called use the basis of the human nature to determine what kind of radiation they would connect to for onward transmission to their fellow-man. The manner and nature of the human composition allows for the spirit within to determine what it needs which can be connected to by a magnetopath, received and transmitted to another in need of it. Those who exert themselves to set loose their own energy-bank as life-force therapists act at the grossest level of what a magnetopath can offer, only preferring to be henceforth called magnetopaths and not "spiritual healers" for reasons of the necessity for free practice outside of the "altar" as truly gifted ones called to the art of healing. No true magnetopath could ever have arisen through some institution or way of knowledge, by reason of haven being called to it right from birth. Choosing to become a priest or minister of the gospel is a next of ability, except it too is a calling, prenatally destined for such a person.

Thus there are two ways of energy transfer by magnetopaths.

1. Magnetic Transmission: This is the method that involves the isolation of one's personal potential for energy release for attraction from the Cosmos, be it life-force or spirit, without adding anything of one's own to it. For as the spirit, like the sun, is the basis of all life and spiritual attraction according to the nature and state of health of the magnetopath he is able to determine what can be given to another. Which when of a pure kind, i.e., the health and spiritual status of the healer, that which he gives swings of the finest cosmic resonance like blood infused with oxygen. This style of practice cannot jeopardize the personal instability of the healer. And can receive from heights farther than one's level of spiritual maturity.

2. Magnetic Mediation: This is the style involved with the giving of energy and spirit according to how much is contained within oneself. Beyond tapping from one generative reserve such as practitioner energy-healers do, a magnetopath is like a medium through whom more than the basic contents of the creative Power flows through. From this basic store of energy others through extraneous practices give to their fellow men, feeling renewed since it is a continuous flow of energy without which death occurs. However in addition to this, "called healers", that is, magnetopaths are capable of drawing from within some amount of life-Power (which contains the life-force) that describes every aspect of the human body with the capability of a wholesome restoration when transmitted at a very high frequency. With increasing spiritual maturity magnetopaths have increased efficiency that tackle very stubborn disease, right up to the healing of HIV/AIDS and Cancer as Nkemkweluka Chidimma Ezike prophesies to accomplish. At the point of optimum spiritual maturity they are already able to work miracles with their abilities. As something only a gifted one can achieved. Bringing our memory to the Biblical account of the healer who could heal in the Name of Jesus without haven been chosen by Jesus personally, because as one naturally gifted with the ability invocation of higher powers was made possible for him as a believer of and in Jesus, even though he was not his chosen disciple.

Now is the time to put things straight, for many who are truly "called" to healing for reasons of lack of true functional spiritual awareness end up beseeching paths of limited practice, instead of focusing on improved spiritual maturity as would help bring about the healing of very difficult diseases. As channels constituted by God through the "gift" naturally there should not be such diseases as cannot be handled by them; but, being like anyone else they too go through the mills of the Law of Sowing and Reaping that like others also end up finding themselves caught up within the increasing density of the ethereal darkness weighing over the earth. The has come when those who are truly willing will be helped to levels where the can operate from as functional healers, and not just as pain-relievers as can be seen everywhere today.

From the following sub-topics below it will be possible for they who are naturally gifted to come to ready understanding of the "how" and "wither" of spiritual healing, which is today designated as magnetopathy for reason of convenience to all.

1. Human Life-force Emanation: The spirit within each person is the source and basis of every life created by God and as such is maintained by the power of God Almighty.

The Living Creative Power of God comes in many component dimensions bringing about life-forms of different nature and functionality. However here on earth all share certain things in common which is the physical cloak, which could only be through the binding of the components containing life-force according to the individual radiations of Creation in need of earthly physical cloaking. Meaning that just as it is only the animal and men that contain soul and spirit correspondingly, everything physical is an activation of the life-force within it according to a specific design of Nature. And like the sun man can from within release life-force through his living to the surrounding, infusing all else with it, inclusive of the animal.

But only at the pure levels of spiritual maturity does this happen as an everyday matter of course, and not when the spirit is burdened with false and weakness. Forcing oneself into it is unnecessary for it happens naturally when the emanations from the aura is bright. Wanting to make a specialty of this is not the way to it, but on having to advise for a purer spiritual life in everyone, and it will manifest as a matter of cause; for the spirit cannot but emit life-force.

2. Spontaneous Moments of Healing: This is when a person through some moment of prayer is able to attract to himself some measure of just reciprocal return according to the nature of the prayer content.

In healing many of such events occur which cannot be attributed to the healer or the superintending clergy, because in the longing-praying, or upon the conscious praying the person in need of healing has made the necessary connection whose fulfillment comes to pass when in the presence of an invoker of God's Power, either as clergy or healer beyond the inherent capability of the superintendent healing occurs. Haven to ask the superintendent for a repeat simply results to failure. Thus demanding that healers and priest be aware so as not to make claims beyond their personal capability to handle.

3. Body Charge Activation: The body through its natural process can bring about restorative processes that consummate as healing when intensified on. But sometimes it is possible for certain kinds of person to bring about an expedited process of physical metabolism that helps the body to achieving its healing. Possible with only gifted healers, be they naturopaths, magnetopaths or ecclectist.

Whenever any of these persons focus on healing the body automatically upon the administration of the remedies, upon the transmission of energy there occurs a spontaneous charging up of the body that allows of it to receive and metabolize what it receives efficiently. Thought these healers are not aware of it. Thus it is consequently possible for these healers in the absence of remedies to use food and drink to bring about the healing process once it is appropriately combined for the disease or condition of healing. Dangerous when there is nothing for the normal metabolic process to depend on. Hence as they have become aware care must be taken when insisting on diet healing so that the body through the charge is not forced to deplete its own life-force content.


CHARLES said...

Thanks a lot.
The seem to be the deepest discourse I could find in the web.
You write the truth or nothing. Please shade more light on the reawakening of the gift for those who neglected their.

CHARLES said...

Thanks a lot.
The seem to be the deepest discourse I could find in the web.
You write the truth or nothing. Please shade more light on the reawakening of the gift for those who neglected their.