Friday, May 2, 2008



Falling in love with you,there is no turning back.Finally i feel like my life is on track.Your love affects me like nothing else I've seen. Nothing can ever part us,I will not let anything get between us.....With you everything just falls into place.

Being with you,to feel your embrace,your heat against mine.
With you my world stops,not noticing things thats surrounds me,it is only you that i can see.

I can never let you know how much you are worth because you are immeasurable,the only thing i can do is to let you feel how much i love you & i appreciate the time I've spent with you.

Every single second ,every single minute.....counts...

I feel your heart beat with each breath that you take ,each time you touch me,my knees start to quake.The light of the moon and the stars can't be compared to my love for you.

To you only i'll share..........I've been thinking about you since the day i first set my eyes on you.Since then you never left my heart & mind,you have been a part of me that i can't resist.

I finally know now what love is all about the moments that I'm with you i can not explain

This feeling for you i can not contain....Please tell me you'll love me until the end of your days.

I want to know you set my heart blazing.You are the air that i breathe and without you i'd die to be with you forever is on what i'd hope.

My heart wants to explode from this feeling brand new,lis covered in love like the fresh morning dew.

It's filled with desire to love you forever,All I want is to hold you,and let go,I'll never..

I'll never stop loving you.I'll never forsake,even the thought make my soul start to ache.I'll be here for you until all time will end,my soul mate,my very best friend.........

My heart & soul is longing to be with you....for you are my soulmate.


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