Friday, May 2, 2008

"Sadness beneath the Joy"

I go through life with a smile,
As a happy and cheerful girl.
Dancing and singing,
I keep up that image.

My mask stays on.

I smile and I laugh,
But inside I cry.

I'm not who they think I am,

There's a lot more than they see,
But how could I possibly tell them,

What goes on inside of me?

So I listen to problems,
And cheer people up.
Comfort my friends,

When they need a big hug.

Hold my mum when she cries,
And tell her it will all be ok,
When deep down inside,
I need it to be the other way.

When I need a shoulder to cry on,

Or someone to hold me so tight,

All of a sudden it seems,

As if I am alone in this world.
So I cry softly in the dark,
Alone in my own room.

And with dawn I smile and laugh,

And keep the tears inside.

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