Sunday, June 22, 2008

2008 spring-summer fashion trends for females

Fashion Is Not What Is In.....
"It Is All About What Would Make You Stand-Out From The Crowd"

It's about time to dress up for spring! It's the time to manage your wardrobe and get some fashionable pieces for refreshing spring weather and hot summer days. Let's take a look at hottest trends for spring and summer 2008.

Designers often choose muted shades for autumn-winter collections, and spring-summer often stuns with vivid colors. The trends of 2008 are no exceptional: We will see bright and bold colors on clothing, accessories and everything you can wear. Even "Technicolor brights" - neonic pink, green, yellow and orange - are fashionable once again. If clothing of such colors is too bright for you, pick several accessories to highlight your regular wear. Purple was the hit of the past season and it is still around for spring and summer 2008. But the shade of colors has changed a lot: forget the deep purple and violet, meet lilac, subtle amethyst and lavender tones. The sweet lilac shade fits another hot trend of summer 2008, the pale azure denim fabric.

If you're looking for trendy patterns of spring-summer 2008, reveal the blossom of your beauty with floral prints. Look for clothes with flower motives all over them, because a single herb embroidered on a blouse or jacket is not enough. If you don't feel like wearing colorful floral patterns, there's another classic combination ready for spring and summer.

It doesn't matter if you choose black on white or white on black - it will be the most fashionable pattern of the season. All possible combinations of B&W ruled the runways and they will rule the streets for sure. Let's not forget ethnic trend; it's on top once again. Choose tribal inspired patterns and ikat fabric clothing and combine it with chunk tribal jewelry to create a safari-chic image.

Can you imagine spring fashion without a skirt or a dress? Spring and summer trends wouldn't be complete without amazing dress. Squishy skirt is the top for spring and it will hold its positions on summer as well. Choose high-waist silk organza skirt to stun everyone. This type of skirt looks great with another fashionable detail: the cropped jacket. The fashionable length of skirt and dresses became shorter; even though the knee-length remains popular, the hottest trend is a few inches above the knees.

Feminine glamour will take over all the women. Forget the image of bad girl and look like a lady, because you are one. Highlight your figure with lovely little dresses and see-through details. Naughty decorations are recommended for spring and summer of 2008: outfit decorated with ribbons, lace and bows will make you feel and look very feminine.

Corset as outwear is trendy once again; wear it on top of shirt for sexy sophisticated look. The trend of transparent clothing doesn't make you walk around half naked: playing hide-and-seek with several layers makes you appear mysterious and alluring. Glamorous ancient Roman inspired dress is another fashionable wear of spring and summer 2008. Choose intricate pleated dress, one-shouldered dress decorated with folds, a loose dress with empire waist - all of them are popular this season.

Even so-called unisex pieces are meant to be feminine and sexy. That's the trick of the season: choose boyish look, but be sexy. http://www.InformIT.comCombine high-heeled oxford boots, a necktie, tight shirt, tailored vest and even cummerbund to create memorable image or choose a single detail to refresh your wardrobe. If you are young and wild, you can even try on a bow tie to express your rebellious mind.

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