Thursday, June 12, 2008

"If There Is Faith,True Love Never Fails"

" Fairytale ; A Dream Come True "

His eyes fluttered open as the sun rays welcomed him through the window. He wondered if they had left the curtain open. Half asleep he tried to see why the sun was shining right in his eyes.

After fully opening his eyes, he realized that the curtains were drawn but mischievous corner was letting the sun rays come in which happened to land right on his face. It was Sunday and he was not waking up so early. So, he got up, cursing underneath his breath he straightened the curtain and came back to bed. It was then when he saw her lying next to him.

As always he couldn’t take his gaze off of her and couldn’t help but wonder how anyone could be as beautiful as she was and how in the world had such a beautiful woman landed on his bed, not only for one day but for an entire lifetime?!Someone up there must have been very happy with me. He grinned at the thought and snuggled with her to take a closer look.

As he touched her she tossed in her sleep and like always she set the blanket straight on him putting her hand on his chest.Her care had never stopped even when she was asleep. How could she know every time he was not in the blanket? He could never answer that question, but then again he could never answer a lot of the questions he had about her, like, how she always figured out that he was in trouble. He used to get her phone calls at the oddest times asking him if everything was ok.

She would call him exactly at the time when he needed to talk to someone, but how in the world did she know when she had been miles away from him?“I just get a bad feeling, honey, I can feel it inside”, was always her answer.Instinctively, he kissed her forehead and took her in his arms like a little child. Well, that was what she was—a little child. A very spoiled one, for that matter.

She had been the wildest woman he ever met. She had the most outrageous ideas and was never afraid to break the rules. He had not seen a woman so bold and passionate.

She was fiery in her attitude and he knew that the passion in her eyes attracted him to her in the first place.

Over time, he realized that she had the kindest heart and she loved him deeply. However, he was never able to tame her. He tried for a while but it didn’t happen.

She was not meant to be tamed. She was the go-getter and no one could stop her. He learned to live with it. But, he loved her with all his heart, and he loved her for her passion, for her love of life, for her wildness.

She showed him a whole different world—her world. Her beautiful world that he had become a part of. He had never regretted anything about his life. He knew she was the one when he had proposed her and he knew she was his destiny the day they got married.

In each and every one of us there is a longing to be understood by someone who really cares. When a person is understood, he or she can put up with almost anything in the world.

She understood him. She understood him more than anyone else and the realization made him want to break down and cry. Just how many people could say this years after their marriage? Both of them had been really lucky. He knew he was just… blessed.He tilted his head and looked at her again.

She was peaceful with her lips almost curling up in a smile, her ravishing long hair covering half of her face.

Anyone seeing her angelic face peacefully sleeping could have never guessed that the night before in her pajamas, she was dancing hysterically on some random hip hop beats.

She was laughing and dancing all over him.“I want to parttttyyyy”, she said with her arms in the air.

“Honey, I have told you, you can go out with your friends on weekends”, he had said without taking his eyes off the book he was reading.“No, not that kind of party”, she replied making a face. “I want to party with you, just the two of us, you know”.

She put her head on his lap distracting him from his reading.“You are soo boring Mr.’, she complained snatching the book from him.“What do you want me to do?”“I want you to kiss me”, she said seriously.

She has always been bold like that. Only a woman can make a man come to his knees and leave him breathless. For him that woman has been her. He smiled and leaned forward to kiss her, but she pulled back.

Now what.“If you think this is so easy, you are oh-so wrong! You want it, you have to come and get it,” she said grinning and ran off the bed.
The next half hour was spent chasing her throughout the house and he had only been able to catch her after she was tired of running and gave in to him, and that was how they both landed on the bed where she was still sleeping.

The just had too much energy, like a little kid who would only sleep when he is utterly exhausted. She was a full time job for him.
His mind fully awake then, he decided there was no point in lying down on the bed. He was awake and it was time for him to wake her up too. He decided the same tactic he used every time—kiss her lips. She didn’t wake up but he could see a little smile curling her lips.He brushed her hair with his hands.

Touched her eyes lightly with his fingers, whispered in her ears asking her to wake up but she didn’t move. However her face expression clearly told him that she didn’t want to wake up just yet. He tossed her body straight in an attempt to wake her up.
After some more teasing here and there, he was still unable to get her attention. Finally he gave up and said loudly.“Hey woman, wake up, your man needs breakfast.”

“He can go and make himself some,’ was the grumpy reply.“You know I am not going to cook, after all these years you should know that.”“ummmm…. Nooo.. mee sleepy…. You sleepy”, she groaned never opening her eyes.“Ok I am getting up then and leaving you alone in the bed,” he knew she hated when he would leave her sleeping like that.“No”, was a simple reply.“Oh yeah?

Well I am outta here.”He decided to get up when she pulled herself on top of him, snuggling her head in this neck.“Who is getting up now?”She was going to have her way this time too and he knew that. Besides, her touch was so addicting, he didn’t feel like letting go.

Giving up, he wrapped his arms around her; this time sure that someone up there was very happy with him.
To be Continued........

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