Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"My Life , My Memories "

Hate Me , Love Me

..past is past...

i used to have it all

i used be inlove with life

i used to be myself

i used to love who and what i was...

i used to have bestfriend

i used to fight for my love ones

i used to have people around me....and time flies...

i've realized somethings are not meant to be

i just have to appreciate what i can have

i try to smile over small things no matter how life hurts...

i've been called a lot of names

i've been judged and everything

that made me who and what i am

now stonger and weaker

smarter and crazier colder and warmer

funnier and more stupid...

i have at least FRiendsive my "chill-out buddies";

to taste the bitterness of beer withive my "superbratz gurls";

to dance the music and laugh and cry a movie with

ive my "school-buddies";

to cheat exams withive my "goodie-friends";

to hear the priest's gospel withive my "roommate";

to join me in my room's mess with

i don't know who would stay lasts

i believed things come and go

but what's with the negativity?....

time makes us older and wiser...

life is a game; its either you win or you lose it ain't easy

i just got to choose whether to stay strong or weak...

you could call me names

you could tag me with unwanted labels

i don't care not even a bit

i'm too smart to get affected with those shits

i've certainly got nothing to do about

i'd live my life the way i wanted it to be

and definitely you have got nothing to do about it

..you could all leave me

i'd just laugh at you shallow assholes

i am not in need of not 'genuine' companion

why would i fight for something senseless and stupid?

i could take it on my own....

and life teach us "how to deal"...

i am not perfect

but i have a genuine heart

i am sinful but ive bended my kness many times

i sometimes act as if i dont care but i do..

deal with me the bastard way

i'd deal with you the bitch way

deal with me the right way

i'd deal with you the nicest way..

how i want to fly and soar

how i want you to let me be

a little respect is all i need..

..i am who i am..

if you like pina coladas and lemon and salt..

and getting caught in the rain..

and the feel of the ocean and the taste of champagne

..if you like making love at midnight

in the dunes of the cape

...i'm the love that you've looked for

......come with me and escape...

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