Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Who Are Hypocrites?"

Can someone really trust hypocrites?

n my own opinion,i can't really trust someone who are hypocrites.Being a hypocrite never far from being a traitor.How can you trust someone who has no ability to be true even i to theirselves.Hypocrisy is in ability to voice out what they really have in mind that they use to pretend to hide their true colors & flaws.

Hypocrites say & do something that they don't really intend of doing.They will just say something to protect their image & do something where they could benefit even they really don't have an interest in doing it.Hypocrites are great con artist,their actions differs from their language.Hypocrites are usually back-stabber,they will act so nice in front of the crowd but behind those act nothing seems to be true.Hypocrites are insecure coward individuals that they don't have the guts to be true to anyone bec. they are afraid to be neglected.Hypocrites are people who are not happy with their lives that they pretend to hide from others judgement.They are the one who are in denial of what they really want in life & inability to understand their own thinking.

How can you identify if the person you're dealing with is a hypocrite?

You can identify someone who is hypocrite if his views are far from his action.Someone praises others just for mockery.

Hypocrite always notices someone's flaws but ignore his own.

No one will ever admit that he/she is a hypocrite , how to avoid hypocrites?

Hypocrites are liars!They always claim something that they are not & they can say something that they don't mean.How can you trust a hypocrite if you are with one,sometimes it is hard to identifya person who is hypocrite ,they are double sided people but once you are already aware that you are with one his sincerity will be always a question.

They can not stand for their views they just go with the crowd even they disagree.

Yes this is absolutely true ,no one can proudly admit that he/she is a hypocrite.Because all human are full of ego & it is difficult for someone to accept their mistakes .

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