Friday, June 20, 2008

"Thoughts Are Very Powerful"

Strength Of The Mind
There is a Universal Law that states "Where thoughts go energyflows". We are often bombarded with negativity, and we tend to engage in negative thought patterns more often than we realize. Many are an aware of the power of the mind. Our ability to mold and shape our destiny lies within the power of our thoughts.Does this mean directing our thoughts will make our lives simple al lthe time and that nothing "bad" will ever happen? Of course not.

Life will always have its little pitfalls, but through controlling and directing the energy we put out, we make our lives easier. With this effort, our minds become clearer enabling us to remain focused on that which truly matters.Remember also, that like attracts like. If your thoughts are mostly negative,most of what you receive and perceive will be negative as well.

Today's Exercise:Today be mindful of your thoughts. Seemingly random thoughts can hold a lot of power. Make an effort to direct your thoughts in a positive manner in order to restore balance.At the end of the day note anything you learned through being more observant of your thoughts. What were the proportions of negative to positive?How often did you catch yourself in negative self-talk? etc.. What you observe today may surprise you!

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