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" Monkey Innovations"Touch Screen Juke Box

Touch Screen Jukebox

The Ultimate Gadget. Here's how to turn your PC into one.
"...if you're looking for something to entertain your guests, you'll be hard pressed to find a better solution than this."

"...the programmers at Riptide Innovations haven't missed a thing as far as functionality is concerned."

PC PowerPlay Magazine, October 2003 Issue #91(Australia's #1 PC Gaming Magazine)
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TouchTone Audio System is a full screen media jukebox software interface designed to turn your pc and media file collection - mp3, wav, ogg, wma, m4a, lossless Monkey Audio format, and video files - into a touch screen compatible, high tech jukebox.
The key feature of the TouchTone
jukebox software is its touchscreen-compatible layout. It's full screen compatibility, large buttons, wide scroll bars, resizable text, and on-screen 'song search' keyboard are just some of the features that make this media jukebox application perfect for touch screen use! Learn how you can combine TouchTone Audio System with a touch screen monitor or touchscreen add-on kit to create the perfect home jukebox solution - guaranteed to impress.
However, even if you have no plans to use a touch screen, TouchTone has a long list of unique features that make it the best jukebox interface available. It's a lot more than just a tiny window that sits in the corner of your screen. ...And best of all its "look" is completely customizable to suit your taste.

In addition, the task of locating the music you want to hear becomes a simple and logical process. Unlike other media jukebox software, TouchTone offers multiple playlist levels, various track selection methods, complete color and font customization, 'Party Play' mode, custom reporting, Wav support, internet radio support, video support (great with a TV out video card!) and more!

TouchTone Audio System is the perfect addition to your HTPC (Home Theatre PC) and home stereo system. Please note that the TouchTone Audio System does not need a touch screen monitor or overlay to function properly. Although you won't have the "touch" capabilities, it will still work great with an average mouse, and with its impressive features, it's a great music jukebox solution - touchscreen or not.

Select one of the options above to learn more about the TouchTone Audio System and how to transform your PC into a high-tech, touchscreen music jukebox!

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