Friday, June 27, 2008

"Life Is What You Make It"

Philosophy Of Life
Think freely
Practice patience

Smile often
Savor special moments
Make new friends

Rediscover old ones

Tell those that you love
that you do Feel deeply

Discard worry
Forget trouble
Forgive an enemy

Keep a promise
Take a chance
Try something new

Reach out
Have good ideas

Make some mistakes
Learn from them

Be crazy
Count your blessings
Observe miracles --
make them happen

Pick some daisies
Share them
See a sunrise
Listen to the rain
Look for rainbows
Gaze at the stars
See beauty everywhere
Laugh heartily
Spread joy

Give Trust,Give in
Slow down
Let someone in
Be soft sometimes

Hope ,Grow ,
Work Hard ,Be Wise
Try to understand
Cry when you need to

Trust life ,Have Faith

Enjoy wonder
Comfort a friend
Believe in yourself .......

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