Monday, June 30, 2008

"Music & Poetry;Emotions Unleashed"

Music & Poetry are some of the creative mediums that are used by individuals who wants to express themselves in such a way that they can freely unleash their emotions.

This is my compilation of the most memorable moments of my life that made me realized of my true purpose in life.I dedicate this to the man who had helped me realized my potentials as a person,as a unique individual.The friendship & memories that we had shared will be with me until the last day of my life.A person that i had shared my life ,even my most intimate secrets.No one knows me well as he knows me,i call him my bestfriend.

With your words

Submitted by
Love Poems

"You are a beautiful woman."
"I love your face."
"I love your mind."
"I love your soul."
"You are an angel.

"Words you had spoken,are they really meant?
Words that every women are longing to hear.
Words that made me fell in love

with you head over heels.
Are those words are just food for the ears?
Or those words are for real?
Do you really meant what you had said?
Or just for flattery & amusement?

I'm sorry,i'm just a simple girl
who need someone who will love me.
I'm sorry,my mistake was loving you so much.

I'm sorry,i used my heart instead of my mind,
I'm so sorry because i think i'm a kind of girl
who will love you purely & blindly,
This is me,just loving you unconditionally.

Mandy Moore - i wanna be with you - I Love You-


Submitted by ArnaudGretzen
Love Poems

Here I am, breathing...........
Here I am, living but somehow i feel i don't exist.

Living a day without you by my side lifeless.

Spending an hour without knowing that
you are here is so senseless.

Everyday without you is like living
in a world of emptiness.

Even i tried so hard ,
to let you know that here i am.

Loving you with all my heart,
it seems you would'nt see.

To the extent i make fool out of myself
just to let you feel how special you are to me.
I don't care what other people would say or think of me....
Just hoping that somehow you could notice me,
appreciate me...
Here i am , that i exist.

Cascada - Love U Promised


Submitted by ArnaudGretzen
Love Poems

Remember you had told me.............

"I am a man,I won't talk or go out with other women
because of you

I am a man sometimes i miss to have sex,
buti will resist for you.

"Words all women are longing to hear........
Words that i have been holding on until now...

Words that is giving me strength when times
i'm losing hope.......Words that is keeping me alive until this day.
Words that had made me lived again.

Cascada-everytime we touch(slow)

Everything is fine?

Submitted by ArnaudGretzen
Love Poems

You know that i love you...
You had let me feel that you felt the same for me.
We shared happy moments that i would cherish forever.

Why sudden changed....what had happened.......?
Had you lost interest on me?
had you fallen out of love?

Had you found someone else?
What have i done,why sudden changed?

When i ask you?
All you would say is everything is fine!

I'm trying to believe you
but my heart tells me that there is something wrong,
just pretending that all is alright.

But deep inside you are tearing me apart.

I felt i was dying every minute
not knowing your true feelings for me,
scared that one morning you are gone.

Never going back!!!!!!!

Leona Lewis - The best you never had (with lyrics)
Boyce Avenue - Apologize (piano acoustic)on iTunes
Boyce Avenue - No Air (piano acoustic)on iTunes

"True Intentions"

Hi!!!i was very lucky to find someone like you bec.we almost think the same.When we first met,remember i told you that i think you would be any girl's dream but i think you are not the one i want to be w/ reason is...ok,you looked good,have a nice car ,have a nice job............but first i think you are a how could i be happy?w/ the material things alone?i'm not that type of person,i'll much be happier if my husband will just love me,respect & trust me....i think that will bring me true hapiness,material things must be just secondary.You said you want an honest person i think we are looking for the same trait......first i just want to be your friend but as we know each other i had seen something special in you.The traits that i've been looking for in a are so refined.......your sweetness..........physically i'm attracted to you...................Then i start to like you in all aspects.....that is why i asked your true intentions,maybe i'm just misunderstanding your have false pretenses.........i want to know what are you up to,bec. if you will just want me for companion then dropped me after you're through,i think i don't deserve you even if you would be the richest man on earth,bec. i think i deserve better i could give more than money could buy.We will just lived once why not make the best of it!!It is how you look at it.Life is not just money....i'm not telling that this is not important.All people need i want to have a comfortable life.....all people wanted that.But some can be so greedy in expense of their happiness at the end not knowing they are left empty.In my age i already experienced all the hatred,sorrow & emptiness.........thati s what have made me a stronger principles is still intact even a lot has changed still looking to have better future.That is what i'm going to strive for to have a happy a good wife i'll be there emotionally,spiritually,physically for my husband & we will be helping each other to give a better future for our kids.

THAT IS ALL I WANTED!!!not longing only for my own hapiness but i want
my love be part of that fullfiling life,i can't do that alone
i'll be needing your help.If we face the trials together i'm sure will survive.

Leona Lewis - Whatever It Takes (lyrics)
Leona Lewis - Take A Bow (lyrics)
Leona Lewis Angel With Lyrics!

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