Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Be Desirable To Every Men"

How to Get a Guy to Always Want to Talk to You

It's a great feeling and a boost for your self-confidence when you see a guy approaching you, smiling and hoping to continue a conversation you started earlier. Try these tricks to get someone you like to want to talk to you as much as you want to talk to him.

Step1Discover what topics he's passionate about. If you're enthusiastic when listening to him discuss his favorite sports teams, card collection or life ambition, he'll always seek you out (particularly if his friends are tired of hearing about the subject).

Step2Demonstrate that you're trustworthy. A guy will only be willing to divulge his worries, hopes for the future, troubles in school and his true feelings if he knows that you won't immediately run to your friends to discuss what he said. Keep the personal topics you've discussed between the two of you.

Step3Be yourself, but also be "one of the guys" sometimes. Let him know he can talk to you just like he talks to his friends, including a little swearing if he's prone to the habit. A guy will be more open and at ease if he doesn't have to continually censor his comments.

Step4Make him laugh. Get a feel for his sense of humor so you'll know if you can be sarcastic or even make fun of him in a good-natured way. Discover what movies and one-liners he finds funny. Develop a few inside jokes to strengthen your bond.

Step5Get his friends to like you. Winning the approval of his friends will allow him to talk to you often without them pressuring him to stop. You may even be able to continue your conversations while you're hanging out as part of the group.

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