Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Look Good All The Time;Chics On The Go"

How to Look Fabulous (Even if You Don't Feel That Way)Looking pulled together and fabulous is a little bit about style and a lot about state of mind. Whether you are taking care of a family of four, working a hecticness of day-to-day life. And as a result, you feel and look less than fab. Avoid the dowdy, drab effect. It's time to recharge, revamp and put your best style forward. Need help?

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Get Your Hair DoneAll it takes is 30 minutes. Make an appointment at your local salon once a month to get a trim or a completely new 'do. If you're not sure which style works for you, just upload your photo on Makeover-o-Matic, and try on various hairstyles.demanding job or running errands, it's easy to get caught up in the hectic schedule.

Step 2: Find Figure-Flattering ClothesWhen you get dressed in the morning, before you put that number on, ask yourself: Will this accentuate my assets? If you need help determining what works, use our Figure Flatterer for pointers.

Step 3: Stay on Top of the GameBecause you're so busy these days, you haven't had time to read the latest InStyle or Lucky magazines. Find out what's hot this season before you hit the mall. This way, you'll know which trends to add to your summer wardrobe.

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