Friday, June 20, 2008

"The Life's Creed"


1. To always speak the truth...except when to do so would injure another.

2. To talk health, happiness and prosperity to EVERYONE you meet.

3. To be so strong, that nothing can disturb your inner peace.

4. To be just as enthusiastic of anothers success as you are about your own.

5. To remember that God is in the pause.

6. To forgive the mistakes of your past and to strive to greater achievements in the future.

7. To never see failure...only opportunity. You are no longer a victim.

8. To have NO JUDGEMENTS of others...No matter what.

9. To live well and CHOOSE happiness. To say I can everyday.

10. To make an impact on the world. To live love.

11. To remember your spirit and nourish it daily.

12. To remember these principles above personalities.

13. To always speak of myself in a kind, gentle, positive way. To be nice to me.

Progress not perfection. Willingness is the key. And remember to laugh!

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