Friday, June 20, 2008

"ConGraTulaTiOns!YoU aRe 1Yr.OlDer"

MoNkEy LoVe
This Is The Award Winning

Monkey Player

You had proven that you are worth the title...

You Truly aRe A gOrgeouS

You move Like A mOnkeY...MonKey At tHe Race TraCk!RaCing?NaH!EaTTinG 9 inChes BanAnA

YoU ThinK liKe A MonkEy... VerY InTellIgent SpEcies,Yup!BeIng ThE FiRst MonKey tO Run His Own ComPany

yOu ClimB Like A mOnkey...hIdes Like a monkey...mOves Like a moNkey...

I recommend FBI/CIA to change their detective pet rather Using A dOg ,MonKeys are More cApable In SetTling thE Job.

I love MonKeys especially this one,MY PET

The way He Smile...

The WaY he LookS ... The BuTT undeniably desirable ... the Way hE sways His tail ....

All AboUt Him My Pet, My Love

Wishing You All BananAs In YouR BirthdaY!

I LOVE YOU , YoU & OnLy YOU.........

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