Monday, June 23, 2008

"Is It Possible To Platonic Friendship?"

True platonic friends of opposite sex, do you believe in it ...

Platonic means a “platonic” love or a “platonic” relationship is one in which people have mental or spiritual exchanges only and refrain from physical intimacy

Platonic friendship is possible but in such level with limitationsl, having close connection with same sex will develope attraction in the process.In any other way one party will have a desire for the opposite sex or both parties can developed feelings & intimacy.

Platonic friendship is just advisable for individuals who are not in a committed relationship.Having friends with the opposite sex while you are in a committed relationship can trigger betrayal that could possible lead to an illicit affair.

In a relationship it is natural that we encounter problems that most of the time we tend to confide with someone that could understand us & who can lend us an ear .But never seek the companion of the opposite sex when you are having problems in your relationship because this are the times that we are very vulnerable & can easily fall for the person that was presently available that time.

So, I think there are some exemptions to be made if you are in a relatioship better set your guard up than allow yourself to commit something that you would regret later.Itis better to avoid than to be involve in an illicit affair.

If you are in a committed relationship always consider what would your partner feel of you having a close relationship with an opposite sex.It is not right to be close with someone who belongs to the opposite sex if you are in a relationship bec. even your partner trust you it doesn't mean you should abuse it.If we want to have a lasting relationship we should respect the person we chose to be our partner.Respect is something that is not ask for it is something we should voluntarily give if we commit ourselves.

"Is it ok for my wife to have male friends?"

It is ok that your wife to have male friends but there should be limitations as a wife she should know that she shouldn't talking with other guys for hours without your presence.Closeness should be limited she can talk discuss business & other considerable important matters that should not go beyond that is too personal.No touch rule should be implicated by both parties if you are married you just belong to your lifetime partner & it is not right that you are hugging & flirting besides your designated partner.If you are smart & have enough decency you will instuitively know your limitations.

Should Married People have close friends of the opposite Sex ...

Yes , but know your limitations... but always bring your partner with you if possible.Avoid to be alone with your male friennd.Don't ever try to confide with someone else than your husband/wife you might fall into something that you wouldn't want to happen that will destroy your marriage.If you are with your husband's colleagues or friends avoid wearing too daring clothes that could catch men's attention.

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