Friday, June 20, 2008

"Advice To Girls"

I just wanted to write a quick blog to express a few feelings I have that I think should be said. First off, to me, the most attractive thing a girl can to is play hard to get. Giving it all up from the start is how so many girls fall into the pattern of being a "slut" and getting used time after time.

I think EVERY GIRL no matter their color, weight, breast size, waist line, etc... has something to offer. I think that all of you girls need to realize that if you ever want to have something meaningful, you have to stop giving yourself up so easily.

A one night stand or a short span of "amazing sex" isn't going to fill the void of what you really want. I have seen SO MANY good girls turn into bad girls and I have to wonder how that has any substance or fulfillment. YOU ARE SO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT!!!!

I swear. I don't care if you have slept with ZERO guys or ONE THOUSAND guys, you can turn your life around and be something of value to someone.

I hate seeing slutty girls give themselves up so easily when they could be so much more.Fake boobs, fake smiles, pathetic pick up lines, one night stands, half naked in the club, grinding on every guy, body painted, flashing never gets you anywhere.

Sex sells, but are you worth the low price you are putting yourself out there for?Do you want to be someone that is treasured or do you want to be on the clearance rack?

Seriously...Yes I'm a guy. Yes I've taken advantage of situations before. But this is me being 100% honest making a please to any girl that has any sort of self-respect for themselves...know your value.

Every girls has something to offer and their is nothing attractive about being the party slut. Sure you are the center of attention for a while, but when everyone else is getting married, moving on, and you're all alone with your cats, you can't say you never read this and you can't say you were never told you were better than that.Here it matter who you are...

YOU'RE BETTER THAN THAT!!!!I swear. I promise. A real guy, a good guy, a guy you will actually want to be with, isn't looking for a party slut, the girl wasted at the bar, the stripper, etc...when it comes down to TRUE desires, he wants the girl that will stay true to him and stay away from that lifestyle...

Yes there are guys that will want a slut, but do they want you as a slutty girl or any slutty girl?Wonder why you keep getting played, used, or cheated on??? I just told you.

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