Saturday, June 28, 2008

"Life's Philosophy"

Philosophy of Existance

This doctrine is based upon long time of silence and hardly neutralized feelings towards all known human feelings like , love , hate , adimration, greedyness, selfishness. if you want to reach the truth of any meaning you should drop down any pre -judgment and look without any effects towards that meaning, all aspects will appear clearly the positive side and the negative as well.
but how difficult for us as human being to neutralize our feelings ? when we reach that then we can be near the core of life and we will feel actual meaning of life, there only we will reach the happiness , the peace of mind .

My own practice of this has taken me more than 6 years , during which I realized the exact road which we can go out throughly and make our life has meaning.

The phioosphy is based upon the unity and integration of , body , soul and nature , the tie between these three elements are the core of the matter , how we can realize and get back to integrate our bodies and souls with nature around us , our bodies are part of the existance which carries our souls and nature is the object which carries our bodies on.

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