Sunday, June 15, 2008

"Understanding & Appreciation"

Understanding & Appreciation;
The true essesnce of living.

To Understand others is not an easy task for all of us.To Appreciate is to learn to the importance of those who surrounds you then that will be the time we can truly appreciate someone.

Is it hard for us to appreciate those people who has been there all along with us during rough times?

For most individuals don't give importance in showing appreciation to
others,most of us don't think it is important.We always neglect to show gratitude for someone whose been supporting us.Did it not just come to your mind that these people also need appreciation,all of us of course.Who don't?If someone would say he do not want to be appreciated then i'm sure he is one hell of a liar.

There are some reasons why we are hesitant to appreciate others:


Appreciation is a very important factor in life that helps the foundation of one person to be stronger.Most of us think that life is just a matter of surviving that leads us to questioning our self-worth & purpose in life.Appreciation & Understanding are essence of life that should not be neglected,it builds us a person , it helps us bring the best in each of us.Appreciation inspire each individuals.

Appreciation is an act that cannot be bought by money but the one who recieves a token of appreciation can be so rewarding to oneself.

We should try to express our appreciation to those we think that deserves it.Because it is not just that we are able to help these people have self-trust to achieve their dreams but we are helping ourselves to be more aware of people that surrounds us.

Appreciation is a gift that you can give to anyone without spending a single cent but will be remembered in a lifetime.

Sometimes we expressed appreciation but without sincerity it's better not to appreciate at all.Appreciation should be from the heart.Most of us appreciate others but for the sake of mockery & benefits that we could get from our act.

Understanding is an act of humbleness.Sometimes it is hard to accept others faults but exerting our effort to do so is humbling down our ego.If we can just be honest within ourselves only few people can do this, most of us won't even try to understand,to look at the bigger picture.We are blinded by our ego to listen to other's point of view.

The best way to understand a person is putting yourself in their shoes.Then analyze if you were in the situation what would you do & how will you face your issues.That is the time you can act & give a better judgement.Understanding is simple as it seems but it is one of the most hardest thing for most of us to do.

In realization all of us claim that we understand but we are acting far than we are expressing our words.I would like to tell to those who are willing & open minded.Try to always do what you say because most of us do things that differs from what we say we are .This is a fact,most of the the times subconciously but some are just in denial of accepting things that they are used to.

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