Friday, June 13, 2008

"Freedom Of Expression"

Are We Overwhelmed by Our Freedom Of Expression?

Are we aware of how we are using our rights in expressing ourselves,are we not abusing our freedom of expression just to pull down other people.

Are we expressing ourselves by conscience ?
Or are we expressing ourselves because of the benefits?

Many of us abuse the freedom of expression just to satisfy ourselves not considering the feelings of others & how it can affect their lives.

Many of us our narrow minded & practice their freedom of expression without considering how they can destroy other lives.

Expressing ones thought can build or destroy a person,have we ever thought of that!

I don't say that we should suppress our views & judgement but what i'm saying is be more tactful & responsible expressing your thoughts & views. Analyze if you express just for the sake of talking,do it make sense?what would be the result of my action?what will be the effects of my words to my own life or to other lives?Don't just look at what the present will be but you should consider what would be the result of your action in the future.Expression of thoughts through words are very powerful it can uplift one person or it can kill anothers future.Words can changed anyone's life in either way for the better or becoming worse.So i advice that we should be more careful in the words we say & how we say it.Painful words can plant hatred in ones heart that can affect this person through a lifetime.

Negligence & Irresponsible expression can cause anger, hatred & war.

Tactlessness can destroy innocent lives .Words can ruin someone's dreams & hopes.

Do we really want it to be this way?Would we want a change that will help others at the same time will help ourselves to achieve a truly fulfilling life?

Why won't we try to help others in our small special way that can change other lives forever,small deeds it may seem but the effect will last for a lifetime & it can make your life worth living.

Why Slander?Why Gossip?Why Criticize?Why Judge Others without Considering the cause & effect that it can bring.

What are your motives?
What are your intentions?
What will be your benefits?

Are you being reasonable?

To tell you honestly, I myself is so straight forward in dealing & expressing my emotions but i always try to think if what would i say will harm others.If i know i could hurt someone's feelings , i ask myself does he/she deserve it?If yes,what will be the result of my words.Will it only just affect him or there are other people that will be affected of my action.If all this questions are answered then that will be the time i'll decide if i should voice out or just sacrifice my views for the sake of other people that would be involved in the situation that they don't have to be in the first place.

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