Sunday, June 29, 2008

"I Believe In Dreams"


A serene place where your music

Blends with the chirping of the crickets and cicadas
Lies the house of my dreams....
In a place reminding me of my childhood
Where the soft breeze blends with the morning sun
As it touches my face
Waking me up with its gentle caress...

A wonderful world where you can be you
And I can be me, without any pretenses..
Full of laughter, no tears, as we reach for the stars
A world full of the things we both love
Filled with music and the magic it brings..

But there will be no magic if there is no you
I need you there to complete my dream
In the place where the music, the soft breeze
And the caress of the morning sun
Will wake me up each day
In that wonderful house of my dreams....
A dream house is never complete without you...

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