Monday, June 30, 2008

You Are a Chanel Woman!

Be A Chanel Woman

Strong, intelligent, creative, multi-tasker, independent, lovable, businesswoman, mom, sister, wife, girlfriend. This is the woman of the 21st century and she is unlike any other woman in history. As we strive to have it all and keep our lives balanced, there comes a point when we must admit that we have accomplished more than we ever dreamed of and that we deserve to spoil ourselves! The women of the world need to stop running around for one second and put themselves in front of everyone else. We realize how hard it is to do this, especially since our biggest fear is that everyone around us will fall apart if we stop to take care of ourselves. Trust us, everything will be fine!

The best way to pamper yourself is to make some fabulous purchases that will add some excitement to your look! You know you get that sense of accomplishment when you find that perfect piece AND it's on sale! In order to make the most of your time, it's important to start thinking like a Chanel woman! What is a Chanel woman? Well, we can see how Coco lived her life, she was spontaneous, feminine, classy and she introduced a suit that would encourage women to rise above men and to take charge of their lives. Really, the most important characteristic of a Chanel woman is that she is authentic.

Now that you have realized that you are a Chanel woman, it is time to add an authentic Chanel handbag to your wardrobe! Some of you are probably thinking "I can't afford an authentic Chanel bag!" Others might be thinking "Where do I buy an authentic Chanel handbag?" Well ladies, get ready to squeal with joy because not only have we found some great options for you online, but they are all on sale! We agree with you that it is not easy to find good deals on many designer bags and that they definitely are pricey. But don't forget, today is your day to pamper yourself and you deserve this!

Since we consider an authentic Chanel handbag an investment, we make sure that we do our research when we are online. A lot of vendors are developing replicas and knockoffs that have absolutely no value. Sometimes it's easy to spot one (i.e. the Chanel handbag is offered for $50.00) and other times online stores do a good job of conning us. The best advice we can give you us to remember that a Chanel woman is authentic and therefore all of her bags must be authentic too.

Check out the beautiful bags we have found for you and you will see that they all guarantee authenticity!

Release your inner Chanel woman with these authentic Chanel bags!

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