Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"How To Tame A Certified Player?"

How to Deal with a Womanizer?

Okay, I've got a question for all blog readers who can share their views or thoughts on this. If you have a boyfriend/husband, whom you just absolutely love, he's very nice, kind, gorgeous, and all other good attributes you can think of in a man BUT the thing is, he's a womanizer! So, what do you do in such situation? Do you stick it out with your man or leave him and go look for another one who's faithful, not all the qualities that you wanted but the loyalty is there? Would you just let him be, go on about with his womanizing ways? Is that a martyr trait?

If I'm a woman who was trapped in such situation & discovered that the guy that i'm dating & eventually fell in love with was a player.I would confront him & ask him about the status of our relationship.I will put all my cards down & tell my standards.I'm strict with my rules & i won't settle with someone who has someone else in life rather than me.I won't want to be the no. 1 or no.2 & so on ....i can be the only one.

We all know love is blind that we sees all the good things if we love someone.So even he is so much of everything but all you had is pain & myseries you won't even remember how good he looks & how rich he can be.If you love someone all you can see is the good side but if the love has been wounded all you can feel is the pain,nothing else matters...

I would & will accept a former/reformed player.For me, past is past all has the right to be given a chance to prove themselves to become a better person.

Why would you settle with a man who keeps playing even if he's already commited to you.How can you ever trust someone who can tell he loves you at the same time loving another girl.

No woman should allow to be treated like a rug.Once you agreed to share your man that means you have no respect for yourself & you don't truly love your partner.How can you share someone you truly love.If he is seeing another woman that means he is not satisfied with you.You should have to accept it even it is really hard to do so,letting him go is the best solution.Because no one can really love if he himself do't know what he wants.Don't be a fall back,If you don't set your standards & have your rules clear you will always be in a relationships that has co-ownership ,don't you want to fight for what you want & claim what you deserve & be the sole owner of the guy that you loved.

Being Martyr is sign of weakness,being martyr is not loving at all,it is being selfish ,why hold someone you know that don't belongs to you.Being martyr is running from the reality,indenial to accept that you are loving someone that really don't love you the way you wanted him to.You are just making your misery to run for along time.

If given a choice, would you embrace polygamy?

Never will i accept it,in either way ,in anyway...accepting this means you have no self respect & self-love for yourself.Polygamy is a one sided practice.People who accept this really don't know how to love & respect theirselves.

Does it take the right woman or do you think once a player always a player?

Yes ,it just takes the right girl who can read his mind & heart that could fill the missing piece that he has been looking for.

What kind of a girl could a "player" actually settle down with?

1.Get his attention.If you are dating a certified player to get his attentonn you should show sincere interest in himm not just about his carreer & achievements.Try to learn his strength & weaknesses.

Let him feels that he is appreciated. Most players in general came from a family who lack in love & attention that results all players are attention seeker even no one would admit this subconciously or unsubconcoiusly this true in all cases.These men are finding love in their lives that they had been missing in their childhood years.Neglection & Unappreciated by their own family builds this insecurity in them that they are looking later in life.Men are indenial to admit this bec. they want to be strong & authoritative but behind this facade men are vulnerable like women.They had been ignored in the past that they want to change the situation for them but all they need is love & true appreciation as a person inside & out.

3.Keep him excited.You can never keep a player if you gets him bored, be witty,be with him but you should still keep something,a mystery in you that will leave him guessing that he will crave for more.Excitement is a major key to keep a guy.Be fun to be with . Be naughty . To have a good sense of humor is totally very sexy for men this is proven, very effective indeed.Guys would fall for you head over heals if you can makes him laugh & trigger his naughtiness within.Even if is a player.We fall for a player bec. of flowery words the same thing goes for them they'll fall for you with this kind of words.Flattery is the weakness of all individuals.

4.Be submissive yet authoritative.No player will stay for you too long if he can control you.If you are the kind of girl that would follow him in every word he say then don't dream that you can hold a guy.Men are most authoritarian somewhat domineering in nature if you are a kind of a follower there is no thrill at all.Keep this in mind men loves excitement if they can't make you follow them then you are a challenged for these kind of men.Players won't choose a woman who is weaker than them that can't tame them done.Every men look for someone who have a mothering trait that can give them the love & appreciation that they are looking for but with disciplinary measures.Men are still child at heart even they'll deny it .They still want to be cuddled & spanked by their partners like their mothers.

5.Don't settle to be one of them.Players are proud of their collections & don't be one of those women on their list.Set your rules & apply it with conviction.Be firm & Persistant.If you can't be his only one then drop him.Let him know if he can't treat you right & he doesn't have any right to be treated the same.Respect goes with respect.The most desirable woman to men is someone they know they can't hold for too long.

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