Friday, June 20, 2008

"Practicality In Life"

Live Your Life With Dignity
To what extent we should apply practicality in life?

hould we be practical in facing all aspects of life?

here should we focus more is it really about practicality or the right reasoning in dealing in every situation we are facing?

hat does practicality means to you?How do you apply practicality in your life?

Being practical has a good effect in our lives.In our finances ,in decision making & choosing a career to pursue.But most of us go overboard in excercising practicality as part of living & surviving.

eing practical should just be applied in areas like businesses,education,clothing & leisures.

ut there should be some exemption that we should consider being practical is not applicable in achieving a life that we can be truly proud of.Most of the time by being practical we forget or ignore what we really want.We always make decisions based on what would bring us financial stability.Securing our lives is not bad at all but we should not forget that too much of everthing can poison us.

ost of our senior generations teaches the younger generation that they should be practical always in deciding for their future,in pursuing a career ,on financial matters,on choosing your peers & again we should be practical in choosing our other half that we will spend the rest of our lives with.

ave you not realized that being practical in choosing your peers & your partner in life will not bring you any stability or peace of mind at all.It would just bring you misery & uncontenment.

ake a look at the bigger picture if you choose your friends based on social status or how they look not on how they treat you.You will live your life pretending.Choosing friend should be chose by the heart not mind same goes with choosing the person you want to spend your life with.Most of us would choose regarding how many bank account does a person own.Or does this person belong to the high class society that could bring you to fame & give you all the luxury that money can offer.Is it practicality or you are selling your dignity.

Money or material wealth is not the center of our lives but most of us are blinded by this fact.Even in choosing the one to marry,most of us consider it as a business that can be negotiated & bargained.We enter marriage not for it's true meaning but what woulld we benefit from it mainly financially.

Most of us sacrifices our own happiness just to achieve the stability & security in life.We neglect the importance of our dignity & integrity just to meet our financial goals.Nowadays,more & more people are convinced that to survive & to have a fullfiling life is only about material wealth.

Life is not all about money.Money is just made by man for merchandising purposes not for any other reasons.We should keep in mind that are lives should not revolve on money.We can use them but not to the extent that you are controlled by your material desires.

We always tend to treat all aspect of our lives as business.In dealing with businesses we are obligated to use our mind to make the right decision & that is what being pratical means.But we should not forget that we are still humans who are interacting with fellow humans.In dealing with someone who has life & have emotions.We should always use our hearts over our minds.Remember that we are still human beings not machines that have no emotions & can never feel pain.
In dealing on Business Affair Or Income Generating Resources

MIND: 60% HEART: 40%

In dealing with Family Affairs & Love Relationships

HEART: 80% MIND: 20%
Many would not agree with my equation & may think why would they give 80% love & just use 20% intellect.This is a simple matter that we tend to make complicated.If we uses our hearts over our mind we could never go wrong bec. faith goes with love not with the mind.If we really do have faith in him,Our mighty Creator we will believe in him without asking for any explanations.True faith is believing even we can't see & hoping even we lack strength to succeed.

God have plans for all of us just trust him & he will be guiding you all the way.Leave him & you will never find the true meaning of your existance even you can acquire all the wealth in the world still you won't appreciate what you have bec. you are empty inside.It is how you spend each day of your life that matters not what you have earned from it.

All happens for a reason,whether it is good or bad.Trials occur to our lives to test us & help us to endure our strength & faith in God.So, don't question him about our failures & pains because we won't know our value if we are not able to experienced hardships.We are like diamonds that should be polished to shine.

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