Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"Tolerance,is it a solution?"


Should We Forgive & Forget?

If We Are Mistreated ? What Should We Do ?

Should We Tolerate It ? Ignore ? Or Speak up ?

If You Are Mistreated Is Silence A Sign of Being Good Hearted Or Cowardness?

When To Fight & When To Walked Away ?

Accepting Wrong Doings Are The Same Thing As Tolerating It ?

Would You Tolerate What You Are Aware Is Wrong?

...........Forgiveness is something that all of us should learn because grudges that had been kept will result to anger,hatred to violence.Forgiveness is not something that is easy to give much more if you had been hurt so much but still we should try our best to find forgiveness in our hearts.Forgiveness is emptying our hearts from hatred that could be a root of evil.Forgiveness is just cleansing your hearts from thoughts that causes the pain.But we are not force to forget , no one can forget the memories of the past but try to look at in a more positive way.Learn from your pains & hatred,it does'nt mean that you should plant pain because you sowed one.Start the change from you,the pain that had been your handicapped can be diverted to strength not as a pioson that can immobilized you as a person.Remember it has been known for generations that "what goes around comes around".Don't be a victim & don't stay as one.Don't immitate the one that had cause you pain, speak up but never do things that just can worsen things. Instead make them realized the wrong things they had done,realization is more painful & unforgetable.If you had been mistreated or cheated don't make the same mistake you are just keeping the pain within you.Conscience is more powerful it may not hit you immediately but it is a punishment that you can give someone that had hurt you.If the are hit it will haunt them in for a lifetime.

..................If you are mistreated once or twice you can tolerate it depending upon the offense made.But if you had been repeatedly mistreated don't let it to continue.Don't let anyone mistreat you because if you allow them then you will be treated this way forever.Sometimes tolerating leads to addiction,so never tolerate someone to mistreat you in any kind of way.If you can't give value to yourself no one will.You are the sole protector of your ownself don't depend on anyone to be there for you all times.You need to be a survivor.Tolerance is a rust that can destroy you as a whole being.Don't be immune to things that should not been done by anyone.No one has any right to mistreat anyone in anyway.We have all equal rights.Treat people by how the treat you not by any other reasons.

..............Tolerating what you know that is wrong is an act of cowardness & ignorance.We should never let anyone mistreat us let them know how you should treated because if you will not set rules on how people should treat you then they will abuse you & repeatedly mistreat you.You should learn to respect yourself so others can respect you on how you want to be treated w/ respect.

..............If anyone mistreated or done something wrong on you don't be afraid to speak up & depend yourself because silence means acceptance.Ignoring is never a good solution,you are just giving them the opportunity to hurt you again.We should have courage to depend ourselves to whoever mistreated us ,whatever status,whoever they are...Being in authority do not have any right to mistreat anyone ,power & authority should never be use to abuse or mistreat anyone.

.............Acting like you don't see or don't hear that something was wrong & something should be done to correct the situation will just make the situation worse.We tend to pretend to be blind even we are aware of the thing that has been in the front of our noses all along.We should start standing for ourselves bec. if we can't do it now we will never be able to stand out for what is right.We should overcome the fear inside us to depend what is right , fear is just in the mind .Remember if you are in the right side & you know that you hadn't done anything wrong there is no single reason to be afraid of.Your innocence is your greatest source of strength.

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