Tuesday, June 24, 2008

" Concience Is The Primary Ingredient To End Poverty"

Government Officials don't need to be a diplomate , All we need are individuals who have conscience to govern.Great Politicians are not measured by the perfect speech they deliver but the pure intentions that they can offer.

In Philippines, The Government Officials uses their position to make a large scale contracts with foreign companies for the infrastractures,medical needs & other mobilization for the country.They let companies to bid for the project then once the bidding is through.The Higher Officials monopolized the every deal they can for their own personal interest.

Perhaps the incumbent government cannot solve all the problems and contain all crises, but it should expose all corrupted officials so that the people would know way ahead of the elections who are the thieves that have stolen the country's resources yet the dare take about honesty.

On the other hand, there is a lot of talk about the electoral divisions and electoral system, whether proportional or otherwise, but this is not the issue. They have distorted the awareness of the voters by associating their needs and demands to those who were the cause of their political and economic problems. The problem is not the electoral system , but rather of misleading the people and deceiving thwem. This is what we ought to change to achieve sound representation that could pave the way for ending corruption.

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