Friday, June 20, 2008

"Do We Really Know What Unconditional Love Means?"

unconditional love! its so simple, yet so difficult for so many people to truly grasp these days. Sure people tell their family and siginificant others "i will love you unconditionally" but what does that REALLY mean?

Love Never Fails

And are people really following that or is it just another statement, phrase of reassurance spoken into the air...People tend to put conditions on love; i will always love you as long as...[insert condition here] long as you make me happy, as long as you keep a steady job for our long as you don't piss me off...unconditional love is not just pouring all of your love and energy into your one significant other, it is sharing and spreading the love that your soul is made of with ALL other beings on this earth. We are all one and the same functioning entity living this existence right now at this very second.

We are all trying to survive, and be happy, love, and be loved so why not make it easy on ourselves and help the positive vibrations flourish by automatically loving every being! you may think i sound like just some crazy love-spreading hippie, but realistically i just want to bring awareness to something so simple, yet so overlooked. It is natural it seems to have people whom you disagree with or do not care for at all, but crazy enough you still have to have love for them as human beings because, all people are just people DOING THE BEST THEY CAN AT THE LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS THEY ARE AT.

We are all on the path to enlightenment, whether everyone understands that or not. We are all simply at different mile markers down the same path and we can not judge a person or put them down for not walking the same speed that we are walking down the path. All must be excepted and loved UNCONDITIONALLY for simply being a part of the same existence and energy force as we are a part of. The Beatles had it right ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE...

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