Saturday, June 14, 2008

"Are Asians Opportunist Or Just A Dreamer?"

Why does everyone assume that when an Asian girl dates a white guy, she is just after him for money (dating, honest)?

Because of the currency of european & western countries.Most asian countries belong to the third world level with low currencies that their money have no value in the world market.

Third World means you belong to the lower class that the majority of its citizens suffers poverty.And if your poor it means you need to survive or escape.Most asian prefer to go to european & western counries for a living this is the primary reason to earn but due to the difficulty to aveil a visa to work or live there some asian decides to marry a white guy.But not all asians would marry for citizenship & for a instant living.

I can say most asian are somehow attracted to the physical features of the european/western men.They have those manly features that all women looked for but not all asians prefer to marry other race.It depends on different individuals.

You can't control the minds of other people , for me the important thing is if any couple compose by a white guy & asian woman really like each other or whatever their reasons are we should respect it.They are old enough to know what is right from wrong & if there are cases some asian marry for money or citizenship,they should learn from experienced but all asians are different individuals so never generalized if you met someone who cheated you.I think that is your luck & just be more careful in choosing your mate.

Is it worth having a relationship with an Asian?

Yes, if the intention is true & pure of both parties...I don't see that there is something wrong dating an asian or black women.It depends regardig the reasons why would ou what to date an asian if your reasons are just bec. they are petite & exotic.I don't think you should pursue your intentions.To have a worthwhile relationship you should have to understand that asian somehow differ in belief of westernized & european countries.You should be ready learn & accept your differences as an individual. Having a relationship with other races like asian is a very good learning experienced that you can exchange different views & learn one another's culture for more exciting relationship.Asian women are much more feminine rather than other women.And because of their culture most asian women are submissive to thier partners.Lastly,I want to say all women are worth having in a relationship it is how you handle your partner that matters.

Do you think Asian woman are opportunists?

Some but not all,to be honest because of the culture here that has been inherited before from our ancestors that only men should bring the bacon & the only duty of an asian wife is to take care of her children & her husband most women became independent with their husband & loosing their breadwinner is something most asian women are not use to bec. of the culture that has been inherited.As years past many asian women learn to earn & have their on careers that makes them more independent in life,this women have more self esteem & confidence in theirselves while others who has been left in the shadow of the past culture are the women who are independent to men who lacks self-trust so all they know to do is use their charm to attract men & white men are the perfect prospect for most asian women bec. we all know that more caucasians like asians.But not all asian women would sell their dignity for money it is up to you to find an asian woman of your desire just be discreet in choosing know their intentions.If they are always asking for money,beware you have found one opportunist asian woman!

What does ultimate opportunist mean?

The ultimate opportunists is not necessarily a user or a bad thing; it just means a person that tat sees an opportunity and regardless of how slight he will use it to his advantage. Every one is opportunistic to a point and will "take advantage" of a deal or give themselves an edge by seeing or discovering something some one else doesn't and then base the actions they take to achieve a goal on that action. It is not necessarily bad because in many cases a person will see and understand something in a situation that some one else doesn't so to be opportunistic can mean you are unusually observant and do nothing wrong. People who "cheat" to get an advantage or use a friend or information they shouldn't to get an advantage are "users" of people in a bad way. The ultimate opportunist is th person that will use any and all information to gain the advantage; most people would use the common or widely known big advantages but he will use even the tiniest in all situations.

It means the type of person who would use anybody and anything to get ahead in life. We all know these types of folks, they are what we call "users".

An opportunist is someone who won't go out of their way to do something, but won't turn it down if it's easy. If you leave your keys in your car, an opportunist would steal it, though they wouldn't break in. Ultimate is one of today's overused adjectives, not really used in the sense it is meant in the dictionary. Ultimate would be the apex of something, something without an equal. In this sense ultimate is just meant to describe someone who is very very opportunistic.Top honors for the ultimate opportunist would be hard to ascribe. We all know one or two.

I think the ultimate opportunist is someone who seizes and acts on every opportunity. This is usually a positive thing because, for instance, parents and students who get the most out of the educational system must be opportunists.It could be negative if it was done in a greedy way.The word "serendipity," in addition to having an interesting origin (look it up), means unexpectedly encountering an opportunity, recognizing it as such, and acting on it. Intelligence, creativity, education, and wisdom would all contribute.

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