Friday, June 13, 2008

"Artistic Minds"

No Promises

No Promises can hold us together

The vow we hold into our hearts will bind us forever

The ties we had , bonded by no human

but by the greater power

It's hard for others to understand what we had

all are extraordinary , nothing mediocre

the memories has been extremely strange adventure

beyond the understanding of ordinary minds

I hold on you , i trust in you

you are the keeper of my heart & soul

I never had dreamed that i would meet a person

Someone like you

Someone who is so special ,

No one can replace ,

You are one of a kind , No one alike ,

Created with Perfection ,

A treasure , A man , A Friend

That i won't give up in anyway ,

i'll hold you until you let go

No promises can prove my love for you

No promises can assure our future

But put your hand on my chest & close your eyes

for you to know what upholds ,

i love you & it is true

For True Love Never Fails ,

Just hold my hand & come with me

we will go to the unknown , YOU & I

We'll Unfold what our future holds

"No promises only Unconditional Love"

By: Angel In Disguise

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