Friday, June 6, 2008

"About Friendship"

"Friendship & Life"

Life just seems, to be an wreck less journey,

With your friendship, as sugar and honey,

It can be cool, it can be sunny,

You can't compare it, with gold or money.

Before we met, I was so lonely,

I thought I was, alone and only,

I had few friends, to call them only,

Who never turned up, when needed them badly.

You showered your friendship, in to my heart,

And it's a feeling, which should never depart,

You are my life's, most beautiful part,

A chapter I know, not to end but start.

You gave me the meaning, which I never had,

Before this feeling, I was so sad,

It's only with you, that I can never be bad,

Cause of your friendship, which I never had.

You are most beautiful, by soul and heart,

You are the sunshine, of my heart,

I can't deny, that I love your heart,

Cause it's a friends, most beautiful part.

I never thought, that this friendship will,

Turn me upside-down the hill,It has changed,

my heart my will,It's your friendship,

that I can never kill.

Your heart is just, as crystal clear,

Cause I can see it, through my dear,

What I saw is, truth no fear,

I always feel, that your heart is near.

You only bring, smiles on my face,

When I think, Life has lost it's pace,

Life just seems, to be an endless race,

You always help me, ease my ways.

You have changed, my life again,

Cause I thought, it was only pain,

Doesn't matter to me, if I loose or gain,

Cause things can never, be the same.

I wish to HIM, this should never end,

Cause I thought, HE was my only friend,

You made me know, what is a friend to be,

They are always one, and they are meant to be.

I thanks to HIM, that I found you,

And an honest friend, inside of you,

Life has no meaning, without a friend,

Cause everyone dies, in the lonely end.

Sometimes it's HI !!!, and sometimes HEY …..,

But never give up, to things anyway,

Friends tell true, but they sometimes lie,

I see their pictures, when I close my eyes.

I started with you, and ending with friends,

They never live up, at two different ends,

Friends are the only, food for soul,

I love them more, by (all) things you know.

Words fall short, for the friends of mine,

Their heart is diamond, which would ever shine,

A little smile, from a friend of mine,

Reflects my true love, from heart of thyne

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