Thursday, June 12, 2008

"How To Attract & Keep The Guy You Want"

Could It Really Be This EASY To Create A Lasting Connection With A Man That Goes Far BEYOND “Physical” Attraction… And Sparks A Deep Emotional Bond Inside Him… To Where He Feels Literally Addicted To Being With You, And ONLY YOU, Forever?

The Answer is “YES”… And If YOU Want To Eliminate All The Insecurity That Can Come From LOSING The Guy You Really Want, And Start Experiencing The Love, Attention, And Respect You Deserve From A Man, REGARDLESS Of His Emotional Hang-ups… Then This Will Be The Most Important Letter You’ll Ever Read… Dear Friend, I have some important questions for you. Think carefully as you answer…

Have you ever had a man you were interested in---maybe even someone you really cared about---all of a sudden become “distant” and withdrawn… and you just couldn’t figure out why?

Can you remember a time when you began to develop strong feelings for a man and knew you wanted to be with him and only him… but he seemed ambivalent and “wishy-washy” about the situation… and it drove you NUTS?

Have you ever dated a man who was AFRAID to commit to you… and even HE didn’t really know why?

Have you ever found yourself in a relationship with a man who took you for granted… or just didn’t value you as a person?

Are you apprehensive about giving yourself emotionally and physically to a man because you fear that HE won’t do the same? Or worse… that he’ll only do it partially and then just leave… for what seems like no reason at all?

Have you ever known that you and a guy would be PERFECT together… but for reasons you cannot explain, he just couldn’t see it?

Do you ever feel like all men are “the same”… to the point where it makes you just want to give up?

Do you fear that you won’t be physically satisfying or attractive to a man after months or years in a relationship… and that he won’t be as attracted and in love with you after many years together?

Do you ever fear that YOUR man might end up with someone else?

Do you secretly fear that you may NEVER experience the passionate life-long love you dream about… and that you might end up lonely… and alone? If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then I have some important news for you… The news is that you are NOT alone. In fact, that list of questions was created from talking to literally hundreds of women about the problems they were facing in their love lives.

It’s a fact: Relationships with men so often start off “hot and heavy”… but then quickly and UNEXPECTEDLY turn ice-cold… Nearly all women have had the experience of feeling like they’ve finally found something “real” with a man… and sharing themselves both emotionally AND physically… only to have him suddenly PULL AWAY… And what’s worse… when this happens, there often seems to be no explanation… and NO GOOD REASON AT ALL.

These types of situations make it easy to feel pessimistic towards men in general… and can definitely lead you to believe ALL MEN are just “screwed up”… But is that the REAL truth? Are men REALLY too messed up to experience a mature, healthy, loving relationship? Is there any hope?

Why Men “Pull Away” From Some Women… But NOT From Others…

When someone we care about rejects our efforts to become closer to them, it’s not a fun feeling. But an even worse feeling than that is NOT KNOWING WHY. Of course, the men in these situations are rarely any help… They will usually try to explain themselves by saying dumb things like… “It's not you, it's me.” Or another predictable male “excuse” such as, “I'm just not ready for a serious relationship.”

I know this very well… because I've been “that guy” in the past… I’ve been the guy who withdraws… the kind who spontaneously gets “scared” when a relationship gets close and intimate… and the kind of guy that can make a real, close, loving, lasting relationship seem IMPOSSIBLE.

I’ll admit it. I know all about “that guy”… because that guy has been ME. But let me let you in on a couple of secrets… the first of which you MIGHT already know:
The “excuses” I mentioned above, and ALL of the rest of the common “man excuses”… are A BUNCH OF B.S.

Deep down, 99% of all men ARE ready for a relationship… and would LOVE to find that special woman… someone with whom they could finally let their guard down, and experience true love. Trust me on this one. I’ve known more than a few “players”… and while some men will date several women at once, it’s only because they haven’t met THE ONE they are really looking for.

In fact… over the years I’ve seen every one of these guys bring their “playing” to a screeching halt when they met someone they were REALLY into.

I’m sure you’ve seen this happen with guys you know… I’m also embarrassed to admit it, but I’ve actually SAID both of the “excuses” I mentioned above on MORE than one occasion… and after the perspective I’ve gained from years of understanding myself and other men, I finally realized that I never actually meant it when I said it… and neither do other men.

You know what I’m talking about here from experience… When a man says one thing, but you INTUITIVELY KNOW it’s another… but he can never see it for himself, no matter how hard you try and show or convince him.

The reality is that I, and most other men, have never pulled away from a woman because I wasn’t “ready for a relationship”… or because I “got nervous” or “wanted to take things slow”… although that’s all we could see to understand about ourselves and communicate at the time.

A female friend of mine recently had the unfortunate experience of having a man pull away from her because he “wasn’t ready for something serious”… only to jump into a serious relationship with ANOTHER WOMAN just a few weeks later… Hmm… So why do men pull away from certain women… but fall HEAD OVER HEELS for others? Let me let you in on another little secret…

The Secret Reason A Man Will NEVER Tell You About Why He Didn’t Want YOU
Although what I’m about to tell you may upset you, it’s actually GOOD NEWS… Here it is:

When a man pulls away from a woman, it is NOT because men are “screwed up”… And… it’s not because he has doubts about being in a relationship. It’s because he has doubts about being in a serious relationship with THAT PARTICULAR WOMAN. Something is missing with that woman that makes him think that she is NOT the one for him to settle down with… and that he can do better… Here’s something else you should know…

When this happens, it’s usually NEVER over a “little thing”. It’s also almost NEVER because a man isn’t attracted to you physically (if that was the case, he wouldn’t have gotten that close to you in the first place.) It also doesn’t necessarily mean that he wasn’t at least somewhat attracted to you EMOTIONALLY…

What it DOES mean is that there wasn’t ENOUGH ATTRACTION there to lead him to feel that YOU were the one for him. So was there anything you could have done about it? The answer is YES. And the good news is that it’s actually quite simple to give a man that powerful “gut feeling” that tells him YOU are the one… It all comes down to understanding just a few important things about men…

How To Give A Man That “Forever Feeling”… So He Knows Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt That YOU Are The Perfect Woman For Him…

After years of research, and talking to hundreds of both men and women about what is important to them in a loving, connected relationship… I've found that there are 5 things a woman MUST understand in order to make a man feel those special feelings for her…

Simply put, a woman who understands these 5 things NEVER has problems with men becoming “distant” or pulling away… her main problem is usually men wanting to get too serious, too fast! On the other hand, failure to understand these things will hurt your chances of finding, attracting, and staying connected with a man over the long-term… no matter how infatuated he may be with you in the “honeymoon stage”… Here they are:

1. How ATTRACTION Works For Men… And How To Create The Feeling of Attraction Inside A Man In A Way That Awakens More Than Just His Physical Senses And “Short Term” Interest The main thing you MUST understand to guarantee the man you want to be with feels the same way about you is ATTRACTION. More specifically… HOW ATTRACTION WORKS FOR MEN. Sadly, most women will NEVER figure this out… and end up sabotaging their chances of experiencing a loving relationship with the man they want… without EVER realizing what they did wrong… Have you ever thought about what attraction really is? The fact is that most of us have NEVER considered the “nature” of attraction… and how it works. Think about it for a minute… What is “attraction” anyway? And what does it have to do with love? Or lust? This motivated me to spend the last few years studying, researching, and observing to build a clear map and picture of how attraction works---in both the short AND long term---so that I could share my understanding and help others.

Of course… simply knowing what attraction is isn't enough… What’s really important, if you want things to grow and last with a man, is knowing HOW TO CREATE IT. If you want to take a man from “Hello…” to a first date, to meeting you again, to talking and sharing deeper things about each other, to attraction, to more “lasting attraction”, to intimacy… and all the way to “I have to tell you that I love you”… then you're going to have to get the hang of turning up the level of attraction a man is feeling for you and knowing how and when to dial it up and down… Men respond to anticipation, tension, and other ingredients of attraction.

And if used correctly, they will amplify each other… leading to a very strong, DEEP LEVEL OF ATTRACTION. If you want men to feel that GUT LEVEL attraction inside that's more than the “she's cute or hot enough to date for a little while” that some guys feel, then you're going to need to evolve for yourself a NEW UNDERSTANDING of how communication works. And get this: A woman who learns to create this kind of attraction and make a man feel these feelings will NOT ONLY have a closer, more open and “connected” man, but she'll also have a better long-term partner… a partner who will often figure out and deal with some of the “natural” challenges that come up in relationships FOR HER. In other words, you won't have to be the one doing all the work anymore to keep the relationship ALIVE.

The relationship won't just die or fall apart if you stop compensating for HIM. You won't have all that “weight” that comes with being the only one in a relationship who cares enough to think about, analyze and learn how to get past the common but dangerous “issues” in a REAL, HONEST, LOVING RELATIONSHIP. Again, the good news is that this is fairly easy to learn… and when you get this down… and know how to create a GUT LEVEL attraction inside a man that leads to him feeling an intense and lasting desire to be with you… everything else will just fall into place…

2. The Things That DESTROY Attraction And Lead A Man To Say “I’m Not Ready For A Relationship”… And How To Avoid Them Have you ever met a man where you both connected deeply, things moved FAST because it felt so right, but then the unthinkable happened when you finally talked one day… and he said that he actually wasn't that “into” you and a relationship after all… even though his thoughts, behavior and feelings told you an entirely different story about him all along?

They key to avoiding this is to learn both how attraction is created AND destroyed. It's a pain, but once a man decides that you're the “I'm just not ready for a relationship” girl to him (translation: you acted predictable and lack emotional intelligence enough to prove that you're going to be less and less comfortable, fun and easygoing as time goes on) then that's it… You don't want to create this feeling or idea in a man's head and kill the deeper level attraction he could feel for you.

It’s CRUCIAL that you learn how to “keep the ball in the air” and keep the attraction building… not just physically, but emotionally… which is the trickiest part with a man. It’s also crucial that you learn how to easily and almost effortlessly KEEP a man feeling that intense desire and attraction inside a relationship… and not just in the early dating stages.

3. Understanding How To Read And Respond To A Man's “Emotional World” This ONE AREA OF MISUNDERSTANDING is the source of so many easily avoided problems and challenges that ruin budding relationships for smart, loving women with men that it frustrates me to see it happen… because it's so easy to fix once you “get it”.

As you probably already know, men can be dangerous, or just plain stupid, when it comes to dealing with their feelings and emotions. Here's a quick story along these lines that I've got to share with you… Several months ago I was invited to speak at a conference to around 200 men about dating and relationships.

I thought it would be fascinating for all of us if we talked about how a man and a woman can emotionally “connect” in a more direct way and bypass a lot of wasted time in dating, arguments, rejection, hurt feelings, mini break-ups, etc… I knew that if men could have more awareness around this, and use the tools I had for them in my presentation to better connect with women, then they'd be a whole lot better off. (And so would the women they were dating!)

As you might expect, I saw more than a few blank stares in the audience during this topic. It's not often you have a room full of men talking about how to better “emotionally connect” to a woman. Well, we were, and here's where it got even more FASCINATING… When I got to the end of my presentation, I decided to take some one-on-one questions from the guys in the audience.

The first two were great questions from a couple of guys that I could tell got a lot out of the conversation. But then this third guy stood up… He looked like your average, nice, thoughtful, polite guy and had a soft and calculated voice. He quietly stood up, took the microphone and asked, “Excuse me… but um… what's a connection?” Wow! I was floored by the question… Not because I couldn't answer it, but because of what it meant about him… and about other men who were thinking the same…

At that moment, I couldn't believe that a human being could actually not know what an emotional connection with another human being was. That still messes with my brain. Ok, maybe he actually WAS an alien… lol. But here's the point…

After thinking about it, I remembered that this guy who asked the question about a connection was really just another man, and not even much of an unusual one. And right then, as I thought about this, I had an

AMAZING REALIZATION… All the thinking, research, writing and explaining that I've done in the past on how men are different when it comes to communication and relationships seemed to actually sell the idea short now that I had heard the truth “from the horse's mouth”.

The way men understand (or don't understand) emotions, feelings, relationships and connection was even more extreme than I had thought (and I already thought the differences were pretty extreme.) Of course, after this happened, scrambled for my journal, my notebook and my laptop to write down what started pouring out of me…

I began digging even deeper into studies, research, interviews, observations, and experiences from my life so that I could explain exactly what this meant and what was really going on here inside the minds of most men. That's when a lot of my most recent material on emotional connection and what creates lasting and long term attraction in relationships with men was created. Lately, I like to ask women,

“Have you ever taken the time to sit down and really and truly picture and imagine what it must be like to be an attractive and 'masculine' man?” Of course, the answer is always, “No.” Men might act emotionally strong, indifferent, and even cold, but most men are surprisingly fragile emotionally.

The thing is… it's just not part of their more “masculine” make up to display or talk about these things much of the time and to avoid the opportunity they bring for connection and intimacy. Instead, they often express their emotions in more symbolic and indirect ways… when it comes to dating and relationships, most women commonly misinterpret or react negatively to a man's “natural” emotional displays.

Think about this… Attractive men who are smart, handsome, and successful are flirted with and approached all the time. These men have OPTIONS. And some of the more “needy” and desperate women who try for their attention have no idea whatsoever what it takes to get an attractive man's attention and KEEP IT.

And even if these women do date a guy for a while and things “seem” good, if a woman doesn't understand how things work for HIM, and how his feelings are triggered without all the neediness, emotional pleading, sexual enticements, etc., then there's no way the man's going stay attracted and interested for the long term.

It isn't “fair”, and it can just suck, but if a woman doesn't understand how to create attraction, how a man's emotions open up and close off, and why… then a man just won't FEEL IT for her as time passes - even if the connection USED TO BE THERE.

Understanding this mindset… how it affects a man's personality… and (this is key) what kinds of “games” men play to diplomatically and politely excuse themselves or withdraw from any future commitment is HIGHLY important. I know how frustrating it can be with what seems like so many “games” going on and so much to think about just for the simple feeling and sharing of love. And isn't true love supposed to just “happen” and be free of all this?

Well… the thing is, once you start to understand more about a man's emotional world and how to help him tune into yours, it won't seem or feel like work to you at all. You'll be able to get back into that “flow” where love IS shared and expressed easily… and you will both start to naturally understand and fulfill each other. Instead of letting typical male “games” get to you, I'm going to teach you how to understand them so you can keep them from happening, and show you how to make them work FOR YOU if they do.

If there's one thing that attractive men seem to respond to universally, it's A WOMAN WHO GETS WHAT'S GOING ON EMOTIONALLY for herself AND for him. THAT’S when a man will share his love with you. Being a woman who already “gets” what an emotional connection is, you're way ahead of the game with a man.

Now you've got to learn exactly how to put that advantage to use in your love life for good. It’s time to learn to see things in a completely different way… which will lead to you becoming almost MAGNETICALLY ATTRACTIVE to men for more than just a fling. Really. Your emotions and your ability and power to connect are your own set of “pre-wired tools”.

All you need to do is start using them the right way…

4. How To Come Across To A Man As UNIQUE Once you realize that men often date constantly, know lots of different women, and have had several past relationships that didn't go well for them either, you begin to realize that THEY MUST START TO SEE PATTERNS in the way women behave around them… just like the patterns you recognize with men. Here's a great question for you…

What do you think the most common pattern is that men see in women? If you haven't already guessed it, it's the pattern of a woman trying to CONVINCE a man to make more of the relationship and change or feel something that they can't “control.” LOTS of women do this and don't even know it. But here's the worst part---how men RESPOND.

When women take on “convincing” or pleading behaviors, there's a common, frustrating, and destructive male response - WITHDRAWAL. Let me paint a brief picture for you of the pattern men see and fear in this situation… In the guy's mind, the withdrawal scenario usually goes something like…

“Whoa! When did this turn from fun into a ton of work? Things have been great, but now it feels “different” because she's unsatisfied and pushing on me to define our relationship…” “And I HAVEN'T EVEN DECIDED what I want exactly, or what the heck it is that I'm feeling here…” “And now that the easy chemistry and attraction we used to have has changed- I guess “the magic” is gone…”

“I guess I'll just skip all the trouble that I know from past experiences is about to come up and pull away.” Well, guess what? Trying to convince a man to act a certain way or feel something with you is the best approach to use if you love spending all your nights alone cuddled up watching Oprah reruns in your PJs. But seriously… If you recognize anything about these situations, then you know from experience that the more a man pulls away, the more you feel like you need to talk to him and show him what he's doing wrong that's driving you both apart.

And hey… I get it. Men can sure be clueless idiots that actually do need help to notice the dumb things they're doing. But unfortunately, here's where most women learn the WRONG LESSON about men… Because a man won't easily open up and stay connected, a woman will actually start trying to do all the communication and “work” for him. Sometimes women start to “fill in the blanks” and play “connect the dots” with all the past situations and conversations so that they can figure out exactly what's going on and why he's being totally unresponsive and withdrawn so they can fix it.

This hopeless strategy works for a few days or weeks, but only serves to make BOTH the man and the woman more frustrated in the long run. There's a right way to go about it, and lots of wrong ways that will get you nowhere. It's time to stop sending the signals and displaying behaviors that almost instantly bring up negative and predictable patterns men see and fear in women.

And yes, men could stand to grow up and deal with their own fears. But you can also help them and yourself out by learning the easily avoided male “triggers” and “buttons” that activate fears and issues most men have around women, love, and relationships. It’s VITAL that you avoid these common “danger buttons” and to connect with a man in a way that naturally leads him to seek intimacy and sharing with you, instead of the isolation and withdrawal that other women have unknowingly encouraged in him.

5. Know What To EXPECT In Common Situations… And The BEST Ways Of Handling Them I can still remember when I first started working with women around dating and relationships… one of the things I noticed first was that most women talked about the same few things men did that caused problems in their relationships. Looking deeper, most of these women also had these same things come up several times in previous relationships with different men. Once I realized this, two things hit me like a brick…

First, most women had the same problems and situations with different men. Somehow, the same things that had limited or destroyed their previous situations kept coming back with the different guys they would date. I had to find out more about this and why it was happening this way for so many women.

Secondly, most women just plain DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT in each situation with a man. They were caught off guard, frustrated, upset or shocked by both the things they had seen and dealt with before with other men and by other new, but also common, situations.

Lots of women get freaked out because they don't understand what's going on with several unfortunately common, immature, and predictable relationship behaviors men have. (Hint - lots of these behaviors are actually harmless displays of male “resistance” and withdrawal to deep connection and true intimacy, but they're only harmless IF a woman knows what these are and isn't freaked out by them)

It’s very important that you learn WHAT TO EXPECT… including the types of responses you're most likely to get in various situations, what's most likely to happen, the intentional and unintentional ways that a man will “test” you… and more. You'll stay more comfortable, more assured, more confident, less stressed, happier, more positive… the list goes on, and so do the benefits to you and your relationship.

The Secrets Of Natural And Lasting Attraction In the last few years I’ve come to realize that many women have confusion around what makes a man actually FEEL attraction… and how that intrinsically leads to a lasting long term situation… The truth is that most women have a “false belief” about what makes a man want to be with her, and how he feels attracted to her.

When I realized this, it was a huge “Aha!” for me… and I was determined to figure out the specific things a woman could do to create and experience more attraction and LOVE in her life…

REGARDLESS of the problems a man might have. And now… after several years of research and conversations with men, women, dating experts, scientists, and everything else in between… I’m pleased to say I’ve FINALLY figured it out… And now… I want to share my discoveries with YOU.

If you’re ready to take control of your love life and open yourself up to a world of passion and romance that can only be found in a deep, loving, connected relationship with a man… I have some very exciting news for you…

I’ve just put the finishing touches on a brand new program designed to give you the skills and understanding to create powerful feelings of ATTRACTION in a man that go far beyond the “physical”… making him feel literally ADDICTED to being around you for all the right reasons… My new program is called, “Natural & Lasting Attraction”. I filmed it in front of a live audience in Los Angeles, CA… and what you learn in this program is going to BLOW YOUR MIND.

In it, I'm going to take you behind the scenes and explain some PROFOUND concepts to you that it's taken me years to research, discover, and formulate… and put it all into simple language that you can understand, and most importantly, USE to create an amazing love life.

You're going to learn some of the secrets and strategies of deep emotional connections and communication that develop a more LASTING ATTRACTION in a man with everything you do (and don't do). We're going to focus on the critical skills of building attraction AND setting the foundation for more “long term” attraction… from the very start…

You've gotten a few clues from me in my book and newsletters… and now I want to give you the complete map. It's been over a year since I wrote my last book, and in that time I've developed what I think are some of the best concepts, ideas, and actual “love strategies” available anywhere to help a woman learn and understand the world of connection, love and lasting relationships with men.

One of the reasons I created this program was because I wanted to give you insights and be honest about the things a man DOESN’T say… but DOES think and feel about dating one woman exclusively and not another.

We're going to spend some critical time together learning how you can go from one step to the next whether you've just met a great guy, or you're dating someone and it's hanging around in that “casual” phase and you want things to progress, grow closer and build a stronger connection that will last…

You're going to learn at LEAST 20 different ways to naturally amplify the attraction between you and a man… as well as what to talk about, what not to talk about, and what it means if a man is talking about certain key topics on dates and in deeper conversations inside a relationship…

I’m also going to show you how to get a man turned on far more than just “sexually”… to the point where he just can’t get you out of his mind… plus specific ideas and ways to connect with a man to help you both take your relationship to the next level… and the next… and the next. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Here are a few more of the exciting things you’ll learn in this program:

A proven, step-by-step plan to get you OUT of the “dating game” and into the arms of the RIGHT man for you in the fastest amount of time humanly possible

Have you ever tried to communicate something that was very important to you to your man… and it seems like he just couldn’t hear you… or WOULDN’T? In this program, you’ll learn exactly what’s going on in a guy’s mind, and how to communicate with him in a way that gets him to actually listen to you… understand you… and take to heart what you have to say

The single most powerful way to really “get” to a man and lodge yourself in his mind so thoughts of you keep popping up… and actually interrupt his day! (I secretly LOVE when a woman does this to me… because it lets me know she’s something special and I should spend more time with her)

The secrets of those “naturally attractive” women who never seem to go through all the fuss and hassle that other women endure (Here’s how to use their strategies to get a man to want YOU for more than just a fling)

How to completely avoid the resistance some men have with love and connection that most women struggle to get past… so you can bypass this whole unnecessary process of “dating games” and experience love naturally…

The REAL reason why men sometimes lose interest in a woman after they get physically involved with them for the first time (If you’ve had this happen with more than one or two men there is a good chance you are making this mistake… and it’s CRUCIAL that you learn what it is and how to fix it)

What to do when you find yourself falling for a guy “friend” (Here’s the smooth and comfortable way to make him yours WITHOUT taking any risk of “freaking him out”)

How to create INTENSE EMOTIONAL ATTRACTION that gets a man to choose YOU over another woman who is younger or better looking than you are

A deadly mistake even confident, experienced women make that they THINK will make a man like them more… but actually drives a man AWAY because it makes you look “clingy”
How to show a man you are interested in him in a way that makes him more and more interested in YOU each time you do it

A deadly mistake that makes even confident women come off as “clingy” and even desperate to the one man they are REALLY interested in (Luckily, this is easy to avoid when you know what it is)

How to spot and identify an immature man QUICKLY… so you never again waste your time and heart on someone who doesn’t deserve you

How to control and channel your own feelings to enhance your life… energize those around you… and magnetically attract the type of man YOU want (Learn this one simple thing and you’ll never again have to worry about a man seeing you as “clingy”)

How ATTRACTION works for a man… step-by-step (when you KNOW the steps it’s easy and natural for you evoke powerful feelings of love and connection in a man without actively “trying”)

How increasing a man’s awareness of emotional connection can make him more emotionally connected to YOU… (I’ll show you exactly how to do this in a way that a man thinks is FUN and gets him more involved in the relationship)

4 easy but often overlooked ways to improve your love life that you can start doing TODAY and will give you INSTANT results

How to program your brain to actually FIND YOU LOVE (Sadly… many women are actually programmed to REPEL the men they want the most. I’ll show you how to shatter these defeating patterns and create new habits that bring the right kind of man into your life while at the same time repelling the “losers”)

How to “size up” a man and know if he’s the right guy for you long-term, or someone with whom you should keep it “fun and casual” (It’s important that YOU start dictating the way your relationships go… and you’ll now be in control because you’ll know INSTANTLY the exact kind of man you are dealing with)

My simple 4-step process for cracking a man’s “social persona” and getting him to show you the REAL side of himself that he doesn’t share with anyone else (Doing this will make any man feel a deep and powerful connection with you… so be careful who you decide to share it with)

A “secret” way to make a man feel special that NO WOMAN has ever done to him before (doing this makes him want YOU more… because people instinctively like people who make them feel good)

The real reason why men become “distant” – I’ll show you how to keep this from happening in the first place… AND how to easily “fix it” if it’s already happened to you

How to pinpoint and identify the things that are holding you back from having a successful relationship with a man (I’m going to get brutally honest here and share some things your friends will NEVER tell you… and men don’t want you to know, but it’s about time you did)
A sure-fire way to get a man to see you as his BEST and ONLY choice (this is especially crucial to know if your guy is a “catch” and has options)

“Chemistry” Explained: How to spark feelings of sexual passion in a man that he CANNOT ignore… and more importantly, KEEP THE FEELINGS ALIVE throughout the course of your relationship

The “instant judgments” men make about women when they first meet them (Here’s how to pass his tests and pique his curiosity from the get go)

You know that feeling you get when a guy “creeps you out”? Did you know that MEN get this same feeling around certain women as well? And just as “creepy” guys never KNOW they’re creepy (who would CHOOSE to come off that way?) … many WOMEN give off a “creepy” vibe to men without ever knowing it. Here’s how to make sure YOU aren’t one of them

The 5 things about a woman that a man is genetically programmed to be attracted to… and how to DISCREETLY and QUICKLY let a man know that you possess all of them

Did you know that a man can express affection, caring, generosity, and act “loving” without having ANY IDEA as to whether or not he wants to be with a woman in the future? Here’s a sure-fire way to tell if a guy is REALLY interested in you long-term… or if he is just “playing” with your emotions

The mysterious “missing ingredient” that makes a man interested in much more than just a short fling or an affair (If you’ve ever wondered why some men were really into you… while the man you REALLY wanted didn’t seem to want anything long-term, it’s probably because you subconsciously did this with the guys you weren’t that interested in…)

3 ways “loser” guys try to FOOL YOU into thinking they are right for you

Something a man talks about that women think means he’s uninterested but actually means he’s VERY into you

A simple 3-minute exercise that gives you the ability to step outside of any situation you are in with your man and see it from a logical perspective… so you always do the right thing no matter how emotionally invested you are in the situation

8 things to communicate to a man that tell him you are the absolute best “catch” around (Miss more than 1 or 2 of these and there is a good chance he will “stray”… so listen up)

4 commonly used “attraction strategies” that tend to drive a man away instead of make him interested in you (It amazes me that so many women do these things… and certain so-called “relationship experts” actually recommend them!)

EXACTLY what to do when your guy seems to be avoiding “the talk” (This is a touchy situation, but now you’ll know the most effective way to handle it)

What it means when he DOESN’T CALL… and what to do about it
The number one trait QUALITY MEN value in a woman (Conveying just this one trait to a man will let him know that you are someone he can feel totally comfortable with and let his guard down. And no… it’s NOT what you think…)

How to use the power of “unpredictability” to keep your man on his toes and make him positively ADDICTED to you (Do these 2 things and he won’t be able to wait to see what you do next)

An almost magical answer to a common question that INSTANTLY separates you from all other women in his mind… and lets him know right away that YOU are someone he must get to know better

How most women FAIL at “first impressions”… and what to do instead to STAND OUT in a man’s mind

How to make a man “work” for you in a way that gets him ADDICTED to the chase (It’s easy to play too “hard to get” and scare a man off… but when you do this he’ll find himself thinking about ways to make YOU his 24/7)

5 word-for-word ways to engage a man in a verbal “sparring match” that lets him know you’re witty and intelligent

3 funny nicknames to give your guy that men LOVE and will make him think about you when you’re not around

Have you ever felt like you gave and gave to a man, got little back in return, and felt unappreciated and unheard? There’s a specific reason why this happens, and it’s easily avoidable. Do this to remedy the situation and inspire HIM to go to great lengths for you… for all the right reasons

How to let a man know from the beginning that YOU aren’t like the other dumb girls he’s dated so he NEVER takes you for granted (Here’s how to earn his admiration and respect)

A 3-step method to teach your man to feel LOVE and CONNECTION… and open him up to a wonderful world he has never seen before (He’ll love you for being the one woman who shows him this wonderful side of life… and his heart will be yours forever)

A key to intimacy you won’t find in any “relationship” book that opens a man up for a deeper and more fulfilling connection

A sure-fire fix for a stale relationship – Here’s a way to instantly reignite the PASSION and FIRE and make him hot and bothered for you for as long as YOU like

How to keep a man’s level of interest and attraction for you GROWING as your relationship goes on – using this strategy the longer you are together, the more sexually and emotionally attractive you’ll become to him

How to find and eliminate the pre-programmed NEGATIVE strategies that might have cost you true love in the past… so you never have to worry about the man YOU want choosing someone else

World Renowned Experts Share Their Secrets… As a special treat, I've invited several friends and peers to be my guests on stage. These are men and women who have been experts in their fields for YEARS, and are the people I respect most in their area.

And let me tell you, there's NOTHING like listening to and learning from the most knowledgeable experts in each important area of dating and relationships…

I’m talking about the VERY BEST here… I've been lucky enough to have met and connected with several people in the last few years who are literally the VERY BEST I’ve EVER MET when it comes to their own specific area of dating and relationships. You may already know who some of these people are once you meet them. Some are well known speakers and authors, and other are accomplished scientists and psychologists. But they all have one thing in common… They've got a ton of AMAZING INSIGHTS to share.

I'm going to have 3 special guests share with you their expert advice. I can't wait for you to hear what they have to say…

You're going to hear from some of the world's best about all kinds of fascinating and mind-blowing ideas and “how-tos” involving dating and attraction. These speakers' combined experience and success in helping women (and men for some of them) in their love lives is enough to make me feel lucky just to have them at my program and to share the stage with them.

How To Find The Love You Want FAST My first guest in this program is an AMAZING woman who has not only been a personal friend of mine for years, but is someone I also admire in the way she lives her life. She’s taught me a TON about relationships and how to be happy myself, AND… how to translate that into a deep connection and attraction with a partner.

What she’s taught me has been priceless over the years in my own life. She’s also helped thousands of other men and women become more successful in their personal lives through her personal coaching. Having written books, spoken at seminars around the country and taught for years, she’s one of the only experts I’ve ever found on the subject of becoming what she calls

“Effortlessly Attractive”. In other words, doing MORE of the things that come easy, naturally and don’t take “work” in your life, but that bring HUGE RESULTS in your personal relationships and your love life, just by changing a few simple habits. Here are a few examples of exactly what you’ll get from her portion of the program:

You're in a relationship, but there's something nagging inside that's telling you that things either have to change, or you’ll have to move on. My friend discusses exactly what to do about this to avoid feeling like your life is passing you by and create the change you need

How to find a new level of honesty and confidence for yourself with a man that will let you “live your truth” - in a way that a man will accept and understand

How to find the guy who actually fits YOU, and not the other way around. (Listen in as my friend shares her REAL LIFE STORY about how things magically shifted for her once she did this ONE THING with in her life with men.)

How to actually create and experience the commonly spoken about, but rarely practiced, ability of being “present in the moment” (and learn how to effortlessly get a man to as well). This simple and powerful step can transform the quality of your love life IMMEDIATELY

The secret a woman must know to align the priorities in her life, including what she wants in her love life, which will naturally focus her energy and “effortlessly” align a man with her

Why so many women feel like they'll “arrive” when they find that right situation or person in their life, how this becomes counterproductive to getting close to the man they’re with, and the simple steps to take that will change everything about how close he wants to be to you

The “thinking problem” lots of women have that draws their awareness into creating negative and destructive situations with men and relationships… and how to identify these thoughts and get rid of them, FOR GOOD

A secret to communication and listening that will change a man's entire perception of YOU as a woman and a long term partner…

The biggest thing that got in my friend’s way personally with men, and how it kept her from ever connecting with the right guy for her (Once she changed this one thing, great men literally started to present themselves to her everywhere she went)

How To Say “All The Right Things”… Without Saying A Word… Did you know that you can use your BODY LANGUAGE instead of using direct verbal communication to get a man’s interest and let him know what you’re really about, so that the way you’ve gotten his attention doesn’t just say “fling” or “one-night stand” in his mind?

Well… in this program you’re going to meet a woman who is one of the world’s BEST teachers in the area of SENSUALITY.

She also happens to be a former professional competitive dancer, and has spent most of her adult life making sure each and every movement she makes is evocative and powerful…

The best part about this woman is that she’s already done all the studying, “testing”, and experimenting in her single life with men to figure all this stuff out…

All YOU need to do is listen to the SPECIFIC tips, tricks, strategies, and exercises that she details out step-by-step in the program, and before you know it you’ll be saying all the right things to the men you meet, in every situation.

And I don’t mean just communicating to a man that you’re “available”. I’m talking about communicating to a man that you’re attractive AND “special”, subtly letting him know that he better treat you right from the start – or else. Check out a few of the powerful tactics my friend will teach you:

3 strange but true secrets about how you can hold your body that will not only align everything “on the outside”, but will also pull together what's going on INSIDE your head so you instantly feel more confident, comfortable and naturally attractive

A tip about using your body language with a man when you’re IN A RELATIONSHIP (Lots of women don’t understand how, and “tire” of trying to keep the sensuality and “spark” alive as time goes on. Use this tip to effortlessly keep that tension and attraction going inside him.)
Some women can walk into a room and every man can't help but turn their heads and pay attention (and not in a negative “sexual” way).

Learn what “that thing” is that these women have and how to have this ability yourself, without feeling or acting “cheesy” or cheap

How many times have you been standing somewhere and seen a great guy, but you never got an opportunity connect with him? But wish you had? Here's a subtle secret about HOW YOU STAND (that’s right… it’s actually that simple) that will instantly get men to pay attention and approach you - for the right reasons

The 5-step process to getting in touch with your natural sensuality as a woman which men will notice and respond to. (My friend has personally tested these things in her own dating life for years, and they WORK.)

A specific way to respond to ANYTHING a man says to you with your body language that will bring him in closer and subconsciously make him feel more connected and “in-sync” with you

The difference between acting, moving and communicating “sexually” or “sensually” and the importance of knowing how to make a man see your feminine SENSUALITY. (This secret has more than you'd ever imagine to do with why a man thinks about one woman “physically” and another woman for something physical AND more personal and emotional connection)

Subtle, real movements and motions that any woman can easily use at anytime to increase her sensual appeal with a man - without looking cheap, fake, or “cheesy” like she's trying too hard

A “Sneak Peak” Inside The Male Mind My final guest expert in this program is someone you DO NOT want to miss out on hearing and learning from. Not only is he a highly successful (and very well paid) professional who has an UNBELIEVABLE track record of results in his field of psychology… but he’s also someone who has a personal interest in understanding the “bigger picture” beyond just mind-numbing “psycho-babble”.

In fact, he has his own practice which integrates other alternative methods for helping women (and men) identify challenges in their lives, and gives them the tools to move past them and live the life they truly want to be living.

This guy is probably the MOST INTUITIVE and INSIGHTFUL guy I’ve ever come across when it comes to understanding what’s really going on inside our minds (especially men’s) when a man and a woman first meet.

But he’s also AMAZINGLY sharp when it comes to the common frustrations that women have with men in relationships. The first time I sat down with this Doctor, I expected to hear all the “clinical” stuff that is useful, but doesn’t often have any REAL-WORLD value and application.

Wrong. Instead, it was like hearing a man list off the answers to tons of the impossible questions that I’ve spent years looking at.

And these ideas and “truths” were all on the tip of his tongue. You don’t want to miss A SINGLE BIT of what he has to share… I promise you’re going to get REAL, DEEP, TRUTHFUL answers and ideas from him that will apply to YOU and your situation. Here’s a few of the things he talks about in the program:

The powerful and often underestimated “psychology” of first impressions with men, and how to use their permanent and lasting effects in your favor… with ANY MAN you meet

Find out what the first impression is that YOU are making with men RIGHT NOW - and learn how to overcome anything you might want to change

Why you can't count on a man to analyze and figure out dating and relationship issues between you and him… and what to do instead that will save you the pain and frustration of doing all the work yourself

The ONE SINGLE RULE you must understand about men---which most women don’t---that will explain almost every problem you will ever come up against in a relationship with a guy (Once you understand this, most of your relationship problems will literally disappear… and I’m not kidding.)

The real reason why men seem unable pick up on the “obvious” signals that women send in dating and relationship situations… and exactly what to do to improve the quality of communication you have with men in any relationship you’ll ever be in

The most valuable $5 worth of dating advice anyone could ever receive about what REALLY attracts another person to you… and how learning this incredible insight, and making one small “shift”, will have men seeing you differently, not just as a woman, but as “girlfriend/wife material”

And much, much more… I estimate that you're going to leave with a MINIMUM of 400 great ideas to use, from me and from all of the smart, intuitive, insightful guests and discussions. But most importantly, I'm going to make sure that the ideas you learn are “real world.” In other words, you're only going to be learning what's really going on inside a guy's mind… and you're only going to learn the things that REAL WOMEN do, can do and would want to do.

We won't be talking about bizarre ideas that you're going to say “You have to be kidding me” to, or think in the back of your mind “these aren't for me.” But perhaps most importantly, I’ll show you how to actually craft an individual PLAN---with specific learning and action steps for yourself---that will lead you to success and allow you to drastically improve your love life and relationships. It’s no secret that all of us are not the same.

We're all in different places in our lives, with different levels of connection and understanding, and have different challenges. And the men each woman dates isn't exactly the same either… By the time you’re done with this program, you’ll have designed a plan of action for yourself that will quickly and easily make your love more fun, fulfilling and secure. And just like a ordering from a menu, you'll take the ingredients and dishes that appeal most to you, and put together a system to go out and live the love life you know you were meant to enjoy.

Most Women Never Learn, So They Keep Making The Same Mistakes Over And Over Again… Have you ever dated, or been deeply connected to a man, and felt like things were amazing when you were together… but when something happened that brought up his fears or immaturity, it all quickly fell apart and you were left wondering what just happened and was there ever anything “REAL”?

Was he just faking it all along? Otherwise, how could he just pull away and close off so quickly and completely? It’s like he never really was there with you… If so, I’m sure you NEVER want to go through this kind of heartache, disappointment, frustration and wasted time and energy again… Here's the good news… Although you might not see it right now… it doesn't HAVE TO be this way.

There IS a way to create a REAL CONNECTION with a man, both physically and emotionally. I've talked to and helped LOTS of women who've experienced these same kinds of situations and experiences with men. Creating the right situation, and ATTRACTING the right kind of man (or changing the dynamic with the guy you're already with) for a fulfilling long term relationship and lasting love are NOT out of your reach. I know, I know.

All of this might be hard for you to believe right now. Especially if you've had a lot of difficult and painful experiences with men in the past… or very recently. But here's the thing… I not only know how things work (or don't work) between men and women in “casual dating” situations and relationships because I've spent literally YEARS researching, studying and observing what happens in the REAL WORLD…

But also because, as I mentioned before, I’ve BEEN THE GUY that withdraws himself. The truth is… it doesn't have to be this way. Now let me ask you this… What would your love life be like if you KNEW, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that you could identify and attract a truly great guy? What if you had the knowledge, intuition and awareness that would let you strengthen the connection and attraction you both felt…

AND would actually lead or “guide” a man to do the same with you? What if you knew you wouldn't ever have to try and “carry” a relationship again and do all the heavy emotional lifting yourself? I think you know from past experience that the common relationship scenario where the woman does all the work and the guy remains un-invested, indecisive, and almost indifferent to the needs of a relationship is not how lasting relationships survive and GROW.

But if you're like lots of other women, then unfortunately you've done what felt like all the work in your past relationships anyways, just to try and keep things alive and get back to a better and more loving place. It's time to break the pattern. The funny thing is that once you learn to do WHAT WORKS instead, you'll find that you can actually DO LESS in a relationship and GET MORE back.

You've just got to find the right places to focus your time, thoughts and energy with a man and then everything will almost magically fall into place as nature works for you, not against you. For example, what if you knew that all the potential for love and passion between you and a man could be yours, and you were CERTAIN that any relationship you decided to create with a man would not only keep you feeling happy and connected, but could survive all the common “relationship trials” where most men close off or leave - like after the "honeymoon stage” ends? Would it change how you date or the way you approach relationships?

Would it make you feel more confident and comfortable? Would it prevent you from accepting manipulative or negative behavior from men and guide you to a better love life?

Well, unfortunately, there's some bad news here too. (Thankfully, not for you and me.) Tons of women will go their WHOLE LIVES carrying these horrible fears and patterns above. You probably even know a few women like this.

Next time you're out for the day, look around at some of the women around you… you'll notice that some women have this aura about them of “there's no way that I'll let a man get close and connect again.” Many of these women have actually stopped paying much attention to what's happening in the world around them in terms of love and connection.

They have that “I haven't felt loved, appreciated or connected with a man in years” look and feeling around them… So it's no surprise that they've completely stopped being open to the men around them - and vice versa. If you're a more spiritual woman, then you understand that these women's “feminine energy” and awareness is all but dead. But there's good news here too… It is possible (and not too hard) to “re-learn” how to naturally attract a great guy for something more than a short fling. And it is possible to easily overcome the common types of resistance and roadblocks that men have to committed relationships… even if you don't look like a super model (or have her budget or wardrobe).

The really good news is that IF YOU DECIDE THAT MAKING LOVE WORK FOR YOU IS SOMETHING YOU WANT TO LEARN, and then you TAKE THE STEPS towards awareness and learn it, you can get back to being the confident, assured, and naturally feminine and radiant woman that draws great guys to you…

That way, you won't ever have to worry about ending up thinking that you'll never have real love in your life… and become so completely frustrated and unsatisfied with men and relationships that you resign yourself to the opinion that it's OK to be alone forever.

Don't put yourself on the path of a woman who, out of pain and fear, has accepted for herself a loveless life, and a permanently disconnected and lonely heart.

This program will allow you to create and experience more attraction and LOVE in your life… REGARDLESS of the problems a man might have… and REGARDLESS of your past experiences. So get ready… because things are about to get very exciting…

Get Three FREE “Interviews With Dating & Relationship Experts” Just For TRYING This Program… As a very special one time bonus, I'd also like to send you THREE FREE CD based audio interviews from my “Interviews With Dating & Relationship Experts” monthly CD interview program.

When you're looking for lasting change and improvement in any area of your life, one of the single most important things to do is to find, meet and learn from the people who are already experts in the area that you're looking for change or growth in.

The world of dating, relationships and love is no exception… It's common to think that you should somehow just know everything you need to know “naturally” when it comes to men and relationships. In fact, lots of women (and men) can't stand to admit that they don't know everything there is to know about the opposite sex and this whole area of their lives.

But it's when things stop going “according to plan” (like when a man gets distant, scared or decides he isn't ready for a commitment, or stops “feeling it” for a woman) that we all realize that we're not the experts we had hoped we were… If you're serious about finding true love, one of the single most important things you will ever do is to surround yourself with other people who ALREADY KNOW how to get there… and have seen and dealt with all the problems you're running into.

And while your female friends are great, I'm talking about people who have not only been through it themselves, and KNOW the exact steps to take in each CRITICAL situation… but people who have also spent years successfully teaching others how to have the kind of success and fulfillment in dating and relationships that they're looking for. Because this is so important, I've begun tracking down as many of these experts as I can find, and getting each one to “spill their guts” for our benefit.

Every month I do a live audio interview with someone whose FASCINATING INSIGHTS will make you more successful with men, dating and relationships… and especially that one special man… Here's how it works: When you order my Natural And Lasting Attraction program, I'll throw in a one-month FREE subscription to my “Interview Series” - PLUS…

I'll send you out a “Starter Kit” that contains two of my best interviews as a bonus just for giving this program a try… I'm so sure you're going to love these interviews that I'm going to pay the SHIPPING to send them to you. If you love them (which you will), keep them and stay subscribed.

Every month you'll receive another fascinating interview, and you'll be automatically billed only $19.97 (or $22.97 if you live outside the U.S.). You can cancel anytime, with no hassles or questions. Period.

If you get the Starter Kit and you DON'T love these interviews and get immediate success and real value from the material, you can cancel and keep the Starter Kit AND the first month's interview FOR FREE just for trying it. In other words, you get to keep all three interviews for free either way… even if you cancel right after you get them.

I'm THAT confident that you're going to love them! This bonus is worth at least $100.00 alone, and it's yours free just for trying the program. Of course, the Starter Kit and all future interviews will be sent to you in plain packaging for your privacy.

And this special offer is available only with your purchase right now. [Read all about my
Interview Series by clicking HERE for a pop-up window that will explain the details. The pop-up can be closed as soon as you’re finished.] *If you prefer NOT to receive this $100 free bonus, you can “opt-out” with one click while you're ordering… and just get Natural And Lasting Attraction all by itself. It's that easy.

Here’s What You’re Going To Get…

Over 6 full hours of digitally recorded material on 4 DVDs or 6 CD’s (video or audio)
An accompanying workbook full of teaching slides and aides
A detailed track listing for quick access

A sturdy 3-ring binder to hold all of your CDs/DVDs, workbook, and other materials

An Additional FREE Bonus… Three Free “Interviews With Dating & Relationship Experts”

These three bonuses, including the two bonus interviews, are worth at least $100.00 alone

You'll get all three free, just for trying this program You're going to leave Natural & Lasting Attraction with 2 things:

A very clear understanding of how attraction works, what causes it, what prevents it, and how to create “long term” attraction inside of a man.

Enough examples, demonstrations, how-tos, and inner confidence to go out and actually overcome some of the challenges you've been “stuck in” with men. Whether you choose to raise your standards and demand more from a man… or get the understanding and knowledge to go out and meet a great new guy and build a great relationship from scratch… whatever you choose to do, you WILL LEAVE WITH AN ACTION PLAN THAT WILL LEAD YOU TO MORE HAPPINESS AND LOVE IN YOUR LIFE.

Because I want as many woman as possible to benefit from this program, I've decided to price this program at only 5 easy monthly payments of $29.97 for the CD version or… 5 easy monthly payments of $39.97 for the DVD version… and I'm going to cover all the shipping costs myself if you live in the US (a small additional shipping and handling charge will apply to non-U.S. orders). And both versions come with my better-than-money-back “I’ll take all the risk” Guarantee…

Don’t Decide Now… Try My “Natural & Lasting Attraction” Program FREE For 30 Days

I know this program is going to change your life forever. I know that it's going to help you transform yourself into the absolute best woman you can be. And I'm so convinced of that fact that I'd like to send you a copy of this program to try for FREE. That's right, NO MONEY.

Here's what I'm going to do for you: I'm going to send you a copy of my “Natural & Lasting Attraction” program at MY RISK. If you like it, keep it. You'll be billed automatically. If you don't like it, just send it back within 30 days, and you won't be charged (Don't worry, if the mail takes too long, and I get it back 31 days later and you've been charged, I'll give you a full refund).

Can it get any better? Of course it can… I also realize that a serious investment like this might stretch your current budget a little bit.

So I'd like to sweeten this deal and truly make it “an offer you'd be crazy to refuse”. If you order right now, I'll spread your payments out so they're MONTHLY.

You won't make your first payment until 30 days after you order, and you'll be automatically charged in equal monthly installments… it's that easy. I could not POSSIBLY make it any more easy or low risk for you.

When you click on a button below, you'll be taken to a secure order page where you can order your program (just use a valid credit or debit card for your order). Go through this program from beginning to end. You will see INSTANT RESULTS… and instant change for the better in your love life.

Use the materials all you want for up to 30 days at MY RISK. If you decide that it's not for you - for ANY REASON - just send it back and you pay NOTHING. If you'd like to keep it (and I'm betting that you will), you don't have to do anything. You'll be billed automatically in easy monthly payments.

I truly want to help you find or create an amazing love life. I get emails every day from women who are using my materials to improve their dating life or their long-term relationship, and I want to help you too. Click on the link below, and place your order now:
For CD Series:

Armed with this knowledge, I promise you are going to feel like a new woman within 90 days of going through this program. But you won't have to wait that long, because within one month you'll see 10 dramatic improvements emerging. You'll notice:
More men than ever before notice you and make efforts to meet you

The men you meet realize that you are a “catch” within the first few minutes of conversation

QUALITY MEN constantly present themselves to you… seemingly out of nowhere… because they can sense that YOU are the type of woman they want to share something special with

You communicate with men in a way that makes them feel comfortable and relaxed… and gets them to open up to you in a way they NEVER have with any other woman before…

The things men do that USED to frustrate you now bring you closer to your man because you completely understand him

The experience of a man “pulling away” or not wanting something real will seem like a distant memory… as the man you want will only want to get closer and experience a deeper connection with you

Being in a successful, loving relationship no longer feels like “work”… it's a blast!

For reasons that are a mystery to everyone but you, me, and the other women who go through this program… you not only become the preferred choice for the men you meet… you become their only choice.

Any uncertainty about how your man feels about you is completely gone… as he is constantly reminding you how much he cares about you and how special you are to him

And there's one more thing you'll notice. I can't say when. It may happen the day you finish the program… within the first couple of weeks… or several months down the road, but it will happen. I guarantee it. It's what I call…

The “Magic Moment” It's magic because you'll see exciting changes happening in your life, but you won't believe it. At the moment it happens… You suddenly find yourself awed by what's happening to you. You stop what you're doing. Feel a weight lift from your shoulders. And smile. Why? Two reasons.

First, any doubts or skepticism you had about finding true passion, love, and connection completely disappear. And second… for perhaps the very first time… you see an incredibly bright future unfolding before you.

Your magic moment might happen when you hear your phone ring… and you look down at the caller ID to discover that the attractive man you’ve been thinking about is calling YOU because he can’t stop thinking about you… Or maybe it will happen when you're hanging out with the girls… and they start grilling you for information… because they’ve never seen you so enthralled and excited about your love life…

Or maybe you'll feel it when you are out running errands and you look down in your purse… to find a special note your man has hidden to tell you that he misses you and just can’t wait to see you again… Several women have told me they feel as if the world has become an exciting 3-D movie and they're the only ones wearing 3-D glasses. No one else can see the wonderful things that are taking place or the abundance of passion, love, and romance that lies before them…

Perhaps you'll find yourself in the middle of a wonderful evening with a man you really truly care about… the type of man you've been waiting your whole life to find… and he’ll put his arms around you and stare deeply and lovingly into your eyes… and tell you that YOU are the only woman in the entire world for him. Maybe that's when you'll finally know…

I want you to experience your magic moment… and turn your love life into the exciting adventure it is meant to be. And now it's up to you to make it happen. Don't let another day go by. Make the decision right now to give yourself the wonderful gift of true love and happiness – with the perfect man for you… You can make this dream a reality.

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