Friday, June 6, 2008

"A Filipina,The Woman Of Your Dreams"

Filipina , The One

Island of the PhilippinesFacts: The Philippines is 3rd largest english speaken country in the world.
The Philippines, in southeastern Asia, consists of 7,107 islands lying between the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean The Philippines, is 300.000 square kilometers ( 115,831 square miles) The Spanish colony was named the Philippines, after Philip of Spain (King Philip II).

Philippines is land of friendly people and smile on every face. Filipino girls other name "filipina" or "Pinay" is a magic woman in magic country.

Win The Heart Of A Beautiful Filipina.

There are so many ways how to win the heart of a girl. One of the most common moves is to give her gifts, such as flowers, chocolates , cute stuff toys, food, greeting cards, etc. You can take her out for a dinner, lunch, even breakfast! These are just so many ways in my mind that I could think of, but my personal favorite is how to win the heart of a "Pinay" (nickname for Filipino Girls). Courting a Filipina isn't as easy as you can see others are doing. There's a saying that when you court a Filipina, you court her family as well. Lucky for you if she doesn't have a large family because if she did, you will be tiring yourself with all the tasks you needed to do before you win her heart or win her family's heart, but it's all going to be worth it because it is all done by you to win her heart. Filipinas are family-oriented, that it is important for them that their parents or their brothers & sisters agree on you. Even uncles, aunties & grandparents butt-in as well. It is most important for the family that you court her in the house. This leaves you to visiting her in their house and remember to bring something for her family as well. Fresh fruits is the most common and I say the best gift to bring for them, it is not just delicious but it means you care for the family's health. By just doing this, you'll earn a lot of plus points!

You should spend time hanging out with her and her family. Either inside the house or going out somewhere. Being with them always makes them know more about you also. They will become comfortable with you around and probably earn their trust on you. They might challenge you to a game her dad likes, make you help plant on her mom's backyard, or even make you drive the whole family to just anywhere they like. If you'll be able to pass these things and see you as the right man for their girl, they will be in favor of you. Fortunately, the family will be advising or push their girl to like you the way they like you. Just remember that Filipinas love to be showered with attention from their partners. Respect is always important too. Understanding her and making her important people important for you is also a must. You should always remember that "Pinays" just like any other girls in the world, They needed your unconditional "LOVE"

You’ve found yourself the girl of your dreams, and guess what she’s a Filipina. You decided to visit her for the first time. On the second thought, you don’t know what to do when you get there. How to act, what to bring as gifts for her, where to stay, what things you should do when you’re there, simply all the things a foreigner should expect with her Filipina girlfriend.

You’re confused because you’ve been hearing about Filipinas as “gold-diggers”; they’re only out for what they can get. This is a common misconception, about the Pinays in general. You might even be surprised to find out that many of these young ladies are very shy to ask a man for money. In fact they would if opportunity arose, but still they want to work hard for it. You will also be surprised that Filipinas who you will be in relationship with is more than likely to want to protect you from wasting all your money, they will avoid you from the things that are expensive, poor value & quality, and also of course to other Filipinas who’s just after your money. A good Pinay will always protect her investment which is of course you.

First of all, you wanted to impress your girl. In their eyes they’re convinced that you’re rich, why? Because Philippines are a third world country, and anyone who is from a foreign country such as UK or US is considered as rich. You have to be a Filipino kind of broke before they consider you broke. So before you ride the plane to Philippines, there are things you need to prepare aside from the proper documents such as passports etc. First, a gift for her, maybe a branded perfume. Then you must expect that she will introduce you to her family, especially if you guys have talked about marriage. You then need to prepare a gift for her nanay (Mom) and tatay (Dad). Small items from your country to be given to her siblings. You might want to bring extra gifts too incase grandparents are there too hehe. Bring imported chocolates, they would be glad when they receive pasalubongs (gifts from other places).

Meeting your lady for the first time can be a bit awkward for her. She will be shy most of the times but expect that she would do her best to make your trip worthwhile. Filipinas are charming, loving, attentive and very helpful. They are aware that since it’s your first time in the Philippines, she will want to look after you and take care of your needs, she is also aware that you took the time to travel and see her in an exclusive basis. She is of course flattered by your visit that she wants to make your stay as comfortable and as enjoyable as it could be. And of course the long wait has arrived; honestly you’re going to be expecting sex! However, expect that you might not get it immediately or within the first couple of days. If you get lucky, I advice you to think carefully about family planning. Since Filipinas are not that conscious about birth controls, you should do the first act by using a condom. You wouldn’t want to embarrass her or yourself with her family, getting her pregnant before you are married.

Visiting a Filipina in an exclusive basis is very important; expect to be out with her most of the times. Pinays feel proud to have you walking with her, it’s quite chic in the Philippines to have a foreign boyfriend, so don’t be surprised if you get a few stares from other people. Expect that if you treat a Filipina as your “princess” there is no boundary for what she will do for you. And that is why you should not stare at other Filipinas while in her company. This is actually considered to be rude, and may cause your lady to show strange kind of behavior known as “tampo”. Pinays can be quite stubborn when you displease her, they don’t want a guy to come all the way in the Philippines and just start looking at another local. After all, they can get someone who does that right at home. Yes, some Filipinos “Pinoys” are known for having mistresses, one of the reasons why young Pinays are attracted to the idea of a foreign husband that they are absolutely convinced that foreign men won’t cheat on their wives, or at least the majority don’t do it.

The important thing to remember is that Filipinas can be the most accommodating woman in the world, treating you like a man should be treated comes natural to them. In return, they expect you to trust them. Second is fidelity, they don’t want you to commit infidelities and third is Honesty. Pinays expect you to be honest with them in a practical way. They expect you to provide for them and take care of them. Simply, a Pinay expects to be treated as the only woman in your life.

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