Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"Having A Strong Faith With God Will Lead Us To the Right Path"

Want victory in your trouble..

In a world mixed with troubles and happiness, we long to finish up with a crown of victory when it is all done. Sometimes we had to go through evil darts of Satan and we struggle to get along. Though the situations you face may differ from that you had expected and there is none to understand you or help you. There is a God who is compassionate and is ready to help you and waiting to reward you one day.

It’s not necessary to long for a close friend who would be at your side to help you and understand you. God says He will be your ever-present help that you need not fear anything. This message is to remind you of the love God has for you and help you turn to His everlasting open arms!

The Voice of Comfort:

“For the mountains shall depart and the hills be removed, but My kindness shall not depart from you…” – Isaiah 54:10

The gift of God – ‘grace’ comes to us out of His infinite compassion. Even if the mountains get displaced, His grace will be constant, never changing. People may not understand your situation and the deep problems that hurt you. But God’s grace abounds you that He not only understands you and your problem but also He responds to help you with His everlasting grace. Grace is precious. The Bible says,

“It (God’s loving kindness) is better that life” – Ps 63:3 “It is precious” – Ps 36:7, “It is a Crown” – Ps 103:4. “It is sufficient for you” – 2 Cor 12:9.

God’s grace is given to us, free of cost. His grace takes care of us, guides us and saves us from sin. We need this grace everyday and every second of our life

If we don’t pay the milkman our dues, he will stop the supplying milk. If we fail to settle our current bill, electricity board will cut the power line that comes to our house. But God never cancels or cuts His grace. Have you heard of any mountain that displaces unable to withstand the severe storm? How heavy the rains lash, how fierce the wind blows and hurricane and typhoons hit, mountains always stand firm withstanding any huge catastrophe.

Even if these hard, deep-seated mountains may fall or move (which is impossible), God’s grace will never leave us.

There is a guarantee period for everything that we purchase. But it is only for a limited time maybe a few years. The guarantee period for His grace to us is lifetime. Imagine how grateful we must be for His grace and we must try to enjoy this overflowing grace forever. We mustn’t lose it by getting involved in undesirable activities.
“Those who cling to worthless idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs” – Jonah 2:8.

His grace was not given to us in vain – 1 Cor 15:10.
Praise God for His marvelous grace that is beyond compare. Humble people in heart will inherit this grace says the Bible.

The Voice of the Companion:

“ God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, Though the earth be removed, And though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea; …. ”
– Ps 46:1-3.

Children are scared of darkness, dog and other similar factors. Adults are frightened of natural disasters, like raging storm, devouring fire, earthquakes, and tsunami… Here the psalmist says, “we will not fear” and when we read about when? In a situation, which is greatly frightening when nature itself is disturbed to an inconceivable extent that the whole earth be removed or shifted from its orbit.
We have never in our lifetime that any mountain has collapsed. Nor we have read any account of such happenings.

All we know and heard or seen is that a boulder has rolled or a particular cliff or a rock has given or sometimes sand loosen to make a disaster. If the mountains fall on the whole or crumble – the very thought or even imagining that is too frightening. It is impossible but here the psalmist claims that even if that happens “we will not fear”.

Just think now!

Our problems compared to these catastrophes are nothing. The situations we come across, the problems that we face, trial and troubles.. In the midst of these daily setbacks we should not fear!

Our strength is not ok and enough to face all these situations and stay calm. Rather our failing strength wont help us overcome fear when we face diverse situations and pressing problems. Even powerful people stumble when unexpected things happen in their lives are broken. No man, no power, no situations can make you strong and fearless but God. God is above all your biggest sickening problem.

He is greater than all your depressing situations. He is much, much higher than any man or power. God’s refuge alone is your strength. God’s companionship will give you strength beyond compare and incomparable boldness. He alone is able to give solution to your unshakable and strong situation. “Companionship” – do you have this term with God?

He alone can be your comfort in the midst of your distressing situation. When you encounter great and perilous problems in your life, stop saying, “Oh, I have big problem”. And start saying, “Oh, I have a Big God”. He can solve any big problem that hinder you and can work things for you.

Proclaim boldly at your huge, giant sized problem and in the midst of your most vulnerable and trying situation that, “I have a Big God , I am not going to fear anything“.

Remember always that God’s grace and companionship to you is never changing or never wavering. Be happy enjoying God’s grace and His companionship all through your life. The grace of God and the presence of God can instill courage within us and can empower us to face any great calamity.

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