Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"Health, Wealth and Wisdom Tips"


To live a long and healthy life the first step is to eat right. Here is what that means in 2 short sentences. First, eat all the fresh vegetables that you want, as often as you want each day. Second, eat all the fresh fruits that you want, as often as you want each day. That's it, period! Any deviation from this is heading you away from living a long and healthy life. Notice that cooking your fruits and vegetables was not mentioned because cooking kills most of the valuable nutrients that they contain. If you want more protein for your body, eat more Broccoli. Broccoli also has as much or more protein as steak.

Three bananas, two apples, one orange, and several handfuls of red or grape colored grapes (not green) will easily get you through middle morning, lunch, and middle afternoon meals.

Here is a great healthy breakfast idea. Blend one cup of old fashioned rolled oats with one banana or one apple, or some grapes until totally smooth, then drink it all. Add more filtered water for thinner consistency. That's it.

Make your healthy lunch and take it to work. This way, you control what you eat, not a restaurant.


Choose your friends and associates wisely. You become like those you associate with. If they have good character traits, those will rub off on you. If they have bad character traits, those will also rub off on you. Studies show that our incomes tend to equal the average incomes of our five best friends or closest associates.

Refrain totally from discussing with others what you want to forget. Not doing so simply allows you to refresh those negative events in your mind making them just that much more difficult to forget. It is a form of complaining. Complaining is like rocking in a rocking chair. It give you something to do but it does not get you anywhere!

Make a list, one hour before you go to bed every night, of the top six things that you want to achieve tomorrow. Why? First of all, it will give you direction and purpose as you start each day instead of thinking of things that you should do. By making the list before you go to bed each night, your brain can work all night while you sleep to come up with great ideas as how you can best achieve those items. Once you start doing this (try it for 30 days) you will not believe the great results that you will get. It's a great step in working smarter rather than harder. Also, remember to check off each item on the list as you successfully complete it. These mini successes are huge self portrait and self confidence builders.


As soon as possible, like right now, start working each day on achieving your dreams instead of the dreams of your boss. How? Make a list of the top 3 things that you really want that affordability is keeping you from having. Next, start your own, fun to run, Online, home-based business. Part Time, Full Time.Not only will this be a fun lifetime experience but the icing on the cake will be the wonderful tax advantages you will qualify for.

Lastly, decide that you are going to take action right now to do what it takes to turn your dreams into realities. Believe and expect, every second of every day for the rest of your life, that they are already becoming realities. If you need lots more money and free time to enjoy it, and if you do not already have your own Online home-based business, get an outstanding one right away. Put your pride on a shelf because you cannot do everything in life by yourself. Ask and you will receive the help that you need. Remember, beginning is half done.

God bless you with an overflowing abundance of good health, love, happiness, success, prosperity, and a bright new future and lifestyle that you will allow yourself to have.

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