Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"The Love Of My Life"

My Best Friend , My Lover
I know words are not enough to let you know how much i appreciate all the things that you have done.But somehow i still want to let you know that you are the one who makes me feel so special.In you, i gain my strength to succeed & believe in myself.Your presence give me the ability to dream that there is a perfect life if you just believe in it.I'm a person alone with my own strenght that can survive on my own but with you by my side i have the power to achieve even the most impossible things that i could ever dreamed.

I want you to know that i'm not perfect & i thanked you for loving me for who i am,in my happiest days,when i'm sad,when i looked good but what i admire you most is for loving me in my worst moments.I never thought to find someone like you...someone who make me smile,someone who makes me cry ,someone who makes me mad,someone who makes me hate & love the same time you.To be honest you are one of a kind,you are the smartest guy i have ever known.Strong yet weak in the inside like me.I can say you are the only person who knows me well & you know all my secrets,so what can i do?nothing i guess!I just need to accept that God given me someone who can make me follow.I will follow you not bec. you are a man or you are in power,keep that in mind.I'll be there for you because I LOvE YoU.I want to be a better person not just for myself but as a sign of gratitude to show our creator God Almighty how thankful i am for bringing you into my life.

To think ,i can say i'm the most luckiest person alive.....No,i'm wrong!I'm the second luckiest person alive because the first is YOU.You are very lucky to find someone who loves you in a very sarcastic way.Remember this,no one could love you as I do & No one could hate you as I do.I love you,I love you so much ,more than words can says,more than action can expressed."YOU ARE THE ONE"

"I hope you like it,all i do is inspired by you!"


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