Monday, June 9, 2008

"Part Of Me"

"Prisoner Of Love"
i had never stop loving you
even there are times i just want to keep it secretly
but my heart is stronger than my mind

i hate it when you tell me , i'm the one
i hate it when you tell me ,

you love me

that no one will love me as you do

i want to run away,to deny this feeling
but how?how can i ignore this feeling that is so strong
I want to shout,i want to cry ,i want to unleash
i hated you so much that i never wanted to be separated from you

you may think i am crazy ,i admit ..i am
i am crazy in love with you
we had fight that made us hate each other
we've been hurt so much that we wanted to curse each other
but still my heart is stronger than my mind

you make me weak ,with you i'm restless
i wanna run away from you
but my heart pulls me & never let me go
i'm a prisoner of this love

i'm hoping to escape but if you will promise
that you can accompany me in this prison
maybe i'll change my mind & stay to be with you.

by: Mystic Angel

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