Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"Excuses Are Use To Hide Cowardness"

So What's Your Excuse?

So What's Your Excuse?I would like to start this article with a question: Are you living your Dream Lifestyle? Now, when you read that question what goes through your mind? Is your mind filled with all the things that went wrong in your life that resulted in a less fulfilling lifestyle? When you are asked a questions such as,
"Did you go to college?", does your response start with. "No, because?" The words "no because" being used in your vocabulary mean one simple thing: You are a victim to your outside circumstances! Plain and simple.If being a victim to outside circumstances still means very little to you, allow me to explain. It basically means that you are in bondage to circumstance and have no control over your life!
It means that you blame your results in life on someone or something else. It means that you do not realize the true meaning of personal responsibility. The fact that you are responsible to every single thing, whether good or bad, that has happened to you. Realize that there is a thin line between what you can and cannot control.
Being a victim means that you have lost control, or your thoughts and of your results!You see, no matter what environment you are in, you choose your reaction. The same comes with personal responsibility for your results, you must first accept the results you have created for yourself, and then move on.
Instead of saying, "I didn't become a millionaire in the age of the Internet because of the investment, I don't know anything about computers, or I didn't have enough time! I would have married that girl but I was stabbed in the back by my best friend, I had braces and didn't think she'd like me, or had a bald spot.

None of that matters. All that matters is that you had enough ambition, enough passion, enough drive to see what you want, visualize the success, and make it happen. Did the guy who became a self-made millionaire let two bankruptcies, a bad credit score, or the opinions of others stop him from achieving his goal? I would like to think not!
Changing this one principle will change your world drastically. You will find that your life will have a new and revived meaning. You will become more passionate and your results will improve in your favor. You will also become more positive and self reliant. But in order for you to change, you have to learn to control your thoughts.
It sounds simple, right? To change the phrase, "I missed that last shot in the state championship because of a bad pass from Joe" to "I missed that last shot in the state championship but I won't miss the next one!

" Look back on your life and take responsibility for all your wins and losses. If you can master this one principle, success in one step closer to being yours and your life will drastically improve! It all involves controlling your thoughts. I once heard, "Control your thoughts, control your world!" I couldn't say it any better than that!

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