Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"All My Life "

"I Believe,I do"

This feeling of love that I have for you,A feeling so strong, so special, so new.You give me the gift of happiness each day,Never have I known it could be this way.You have given your love regardless of cost,With my heart in your care, I will never be lost.Or never again wonder what love really means,For now I do know it means so many things.Understanding and caring, through good times and bad,Sharing emotions, should they be happy or sad.Being there for each other through laughter or tears,At each other's side for the rest of our years.My only wish is to be with you, my love,For each day I pray to the heavens above.That you always remember my feelings for you.A feeling so strong, so special, so new!

I'm lost , i'm confused

I know that you had been always there for me

Never left me,every minute ,every hour of my life

I know this love exist
But there is part of me that still,

Whispering beneath,the denial that pulls me

I want you to know,still
for me all of this is a mystery that i have to discover
You brought happiness to my life,I owe you
I want to repay you in my own special way

For me this is still a dream that i don't want to believe

but i thanked God for bringing someone so special into my life

You know i hated you,that is true,I hated you so much
I'm still hallucinating that i had met someone as crazy as me

Someone who can make me cry,someone who can make me laugh
Someone who can make me dream,Believe that i can reach for the stars

But still i won't hold you ,I will set you free

I don't want to hold someone that can never be mine
The love i need is the love that i can cherish & nurture my entire life
Someone who can hold my hand till i get old,

Someone who will stand by me no matter what
Remember that you are special,
Very special indeed ,no one alike,no one to compare

I'll set you free,I believe in Destiny
If you are the one & you are sure that i'm the only one

I would hold you tight & will never let you go till the day that i'll die

I promise you that

By: Crazylinn Perverte

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