Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"What Love Means?"

Love Means.................

Love Is A Wonderful Feeling.
It's A Gift From God.A Bond Of Trust.
Love Does Not Mean Lust.
Love Is Not One Way Relationship.
It's A Two Way Partnership.
Love Say's "I am Yours, You Are Mine.
When You're Around I Feel Fine.
Love Means You And Me.
Together We'll Always Be.
Love Is A Caring And Gentle Touch.
Love Means So Much.
Love Is A Mother's Helping Hand.
A Lover's Kiss.
A Musical Band.
A Drop Of Water On Dry Land.
Love Is A Four Letter Magic.
Sometimes Happy.
Sometimes Tragic.
Love Is Truly Blind.
It Makes You Leave This World Behind.
It's A Sign Of Affection.
Which Never Demands Perfection.
Love Soothes A Broken Heart.
It's A Devine Piece Of Art.
Love Is An Orpahan's Desire.
It Calms An Angry Fire.
An Essence Of Love Brings A Smile On One's Face.
A Happiness Last For Many Days.
Love Is A Beautiful Scenery.
Which One Must Experience On Life's Journey

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