Sunday, July 27, 2008

"We Can Lie But We Can't Decieve Ourselves"


Dear, I thank God for this wonderful opportunity we have for a chat. More so, I thank you for this honor for the audience you gave me. It had delayed for to long because of the lack of access, and this has been golden. Let me begin by saying that the heart of man is hidden and full of confusing attitudes at manifestation. Secondly it is greatly deceitful, filled with schemes and calamitous craftiness. Yet it is what is is the inside controls what is on the outside for out of the abundance of the heart does the mouth speak.

Little wonder it is said that out of the heart flows the issues of life or death because it is the well spring of life. Thus it becomes very difficult for an individual to discern what is on the inside from what is on the outside (the physical attributes of the person such as beauty, education, wealth, position in office or government, etc.). More often the issue has been the inability to establish a prospering and enduring stable relationships. Therefore in order not to hurt oneself, it becomes imperative that we will be diligent and gradual in each and every relationship we are about to venture into. Ordinarily people consider mainly physical attractions - the things that eye see - more important than the intrinsic values/ value system of the people who are about to enter into such partnership. But truly the reverse should be the case resulting undesirable outcomes.

Consequently, we have seen many a relationships that had all those things we thought that makes a relationship work, yet to their greatest dismay each day of the venture brings them untold sorrow, agony, misery, shame, disappointment, embarrassment, discouragement, failure and ultimately separation/divorce. In view of this, though I see that everything on ground is indicative of the fact that a relationship could work out between us, I have to advise that we should take it easy because there is so much work yet undone. I am not suggestive of anything for now but I believe that honesty, dedication, commitment, faithfulness, open heartedness, accommodation, understanding, wisdom, (and so - and so on) are the essential ingredients that make relationships work. These and a lot more we have to find in ourselves and establish as the foundation of a lasting relationship.

Having gone this far, I suggest that we open a dialogue and as we progress along the line we will be able to see what happens. Once more thank you for everything. Feel free to ask me whatever question that comes up in your mind ranging from personal, work, family, social, religion to whatever. I promise that I will be careful to answer them very accurately to the last details. Cheers and God bless. I love you for this great open door, privilege and honor.

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